Happy Anniversary WI Women’s Council!


Today marks 33 years of the WI Women’s Council (WWC) working to improve the status of women in Wisconsin. BPC’s own, Nicole Bowman, was appointed to the WWC board in 2005 and has worked to help enhance the ability of all Wisconsin women to participate fully in all aspects of life ever since. Nicky and the BPC team are wishing a happy anniversary to the WI Women’s Council!

Register For the Community Dialogue on Human Trafficking June 18th in Wausau, WI

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WI Women’s Council is Looking To Speak with Tribal Communities on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Community Discussions

Possible Topic Areas:

  • Education and Awareness (general)
  • End Demand Strategies

The Wisconsin Women’s Council is a statutory commission on the status of women and girls.

  • The Council has identified Human Trafficking as a key policy and program issue.
  • One initiative we are starting is a Community Forum in selected communities. This would include a press event in selected communities in Wisconsin followed by a 1-hour panel and discussion. In the short-term., the Council would like to host 2 programs in May-June 2015.
  • The goal is to further raise awareness on human trafficking in Wisconsin, particularly in local areas and/or with specific population groups, where local stakeholders are currently in early stages of raising local awareness and programming on this issue, or whose issues are not being widely addressed in state discussion and activities on human trafficking.

Program:  developed with one or more a local partner. We aren’t talking about a major event, seminar, or meeting that would financial resources from any partnering agencies, but rather for input in event planning, local expertise, cultural competency, identifying experts/speakers/stakeholders, fine tuning local messaging, and community outreach/advertising.

Part 1:  Press event:  simple press event where the Women’s Council would pull in a speaker or two that would deliver a state-wide message and work with appropriate local agencies to deliver a local comment, along with an educational press packet.  The goal of the press conference would be to deliver a unified message on the need and/or commitment to address human trafficking in the local community.

Part 2: Community Discussion: panel of 2-4 expert speakers, followed by general discussion.  Open to the public with pre-event outreach and invitations to local non-profit (including faith-based) organizations, law enforcement leaders, elected officials, business leaders and other community stakeholders.  The goals of the program will vary slightly depending on the topic area selected, including defining human trafficking, prevalence and concerns in a local community/population; current state and local efforts to address the issue; and how the community as a whole and as individuals can contribute to addressing the issue.

We do not envision a major event, seminar, or meeting that would require substantial time or resources from any partnering organizations. We are not requesting financial resources.  The Women’s Council has limited funding for meeting space, coffee, printed materials, speaker fees and travel costs, etc. where needed.

Christine Lidbury is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Women’s Council and would work on this event.   She would like to reach out to identify and the right people and see if you would support such a press/program events and help identify expert resources.  Is this something we could talk about?

Wausau Program (in development)

Partner:  The Women’s Community, Wausau

Press Conference: 2-3 presenters, TBD.  [potential presenter list:  Law Enforcement (city or county), survivor, service provider/advocate]

Program:  Focus on General Education and Awareness.

Panel (tentative):  1) The Women’s Community Human Trafficking Advocate; 2) Project Respect (Madison); 3) TBD (request to Dept. of Justice)   Moderator: Women’s Council

Native Women Program

Data from Minnesota suggests Native women are at high risk:

  • Various studies provide evidence that Native American women experience greater risk factors for being trafficked than other racial and ethnic groups.
  • In Hennepin County in 2006, Native American women were only 2.2% of the population yet 24% of people on probation for prostitution were Native women.
  • In a Minnesota study of Native women in prostitution, 92% reported wanting to escape prostitution.

Community Forum on general education and awareness. Identify culturally appropriate information and experts to define the topic and direction for a forum.

For more information contact Christine Lidbury: christine.lidbury@wwc.state.wi.us or call (608) 266-2219




Apply Now For Wisconsin Women’s Council Internship 2015 Spring/Summer!

Employer: Wisconsin Women’s Council

Deadline: open until filled

Pay: Unpaid / willing to arrange college credit

# of Positions: 2

Category: Political Science, Women’s Studies, Sociology, Communications

Contact Information: Name: Christine Lidbury Email: christine.lidbury@wi.gov Phone: 608.266-2219 Fax: 608.264-9500

Address: 101 East Wilson St, 9th fl., Madison, WI 53702 Website: www.womenscouncil.wi.gov

To find out more about the intern position click here: http://womenscouncil.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=26548&locid=2

Check Out Wisconsin Women’s Council MoneySavvy Program

MoneySavvy Launch 022315 PR_Page_1MoneySavvy website link: www.womenscouncil.wi.gov/MoneySavvy

Congratulations to Christine Lidbury for a decade of work with WI Women’s Council!

Bowman Performance Consulting would like to extend a warm congratulations to Christine Lidbury  for a decade of work with WI Women’s Council. She has been changing the lives of women in Wisconsin for 10 years!! Thank you for your service and leadership.

Check out the WI Women’s Council homepage: http://womenscouncil.wi.gov/index.asp?locid=2  


Bowman Working with Wisconsin Women’s Council

Nicole Bowman is working at the Capitol in Madison with Christine Lidbury, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Women’s Council.  Today’s project: Women’s Financial Literacy subcommittee work.

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Nicole Bowman’s Wisconsin Women’s Council Biography

Nicole R. Bowman-Farrell (Mohican/Munsee) is the President/Owner of Bowman Performance Consulting LLC (BPC).  BPC is the only certified Native American and scientific research firm in the country.

BPC provides business and educational consulting services working within Tribal communities as well as bridging Tribal and non-Tribal groups on policy, research, strategic planning, and evaluation topics.  Working with at risk and diverse communities BPC’s services have empowered underserved groups so that policy, research, strategic planning, and evaluation efforts include and address their unique needs.

Nicole was awarded the US Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award signifying the only time a Native American or WI resident has ever been given this honor. Over the years Nicole has been appointed by WI Governor Doyle and/or selected by her academic colleagues to serve on numerous boards, national academic journals, and advisory committees for her expertise on Indian education, economic development, evaluation, and community development.

BPC services have been utilized by the following selected offices: Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Milwaukee County (Dept. of Health and Family Services), WI Office of Justice Assistance, US Dept. of Justice, US Dept. of Education, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, US Dept. of the Interior, and NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Outside of the public government, BPC has worked with the following selected organizations: OPUS International, National Congress of American Indians, American Civil Liberties Union, Great Lakes Intertribal Council, and Native Americans in Philanthropy, Northwoods Niijii, WI Procurement Institute, the University of WI System, the WI Indian Business Association, American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, WI Association of School Boards, and the Wisconsin Women’s Council to name several.

As a University of WI PhD Fellow, Nicole is currently completing her international PhD research on oral Indigenous knowledge use and transfer to contemporary practice.  Her doctorate degree will be in Leadership & Policy Analysis.

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