Join Us! April 22nd Paper Panel with Bowman and Chamberlain

CREA 2016 Paper Panel, Perspectives in Evaluation Training, Thinking and Practice. Nicole R. Bowman (Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC) & Anne Chamberlain (IMPAQ International LLC), presenters.

April 22, 2016 | 9:00 am – 10:30 am | Room: Marshfield
Conference program

From the paper abstract: “Through an United States Department of Agriculture funded and congressionally mandated study that includes the 567 tribal governments and Alaskan Native villages in the United States, session participants will learn how the principals of Tribally Driven Participatory Research (TDPR) can be utilized in research and evaluation studies. The emphasis of this session will be not only on understanding the conceptual and theoretical foundations to TDPR but also the practical implementation of TDPR as an effective model for creating highly effective and culturally responsive Tribal/academic research partnerships. Participants will be engaged through active discussion, will learn about the strengths and challenges of this model, and will be given many resources to help inform their future practice.”