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Rebecca Polar, BS

Project Consultant, Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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Rebecca’s IRB Certificate (2011)

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Mrs. Polar holds a B.S. from the University of Arizona in Geosciences, Surficial Processes & Landforms (2000). She has nearly two decades of providing technical research and analytic service support to educational and American Indian projects. She provides support to BPC’s senior staff on key project tasks including fundraising, market research, literature reviews, data collection, data analysis (content or qualitative analysis); clean/code qualitative data, and analytic summaries of information for key BPC documents. As the mother of Indigenous children (Sokaogon Chippewa), she brings family and community-based perspectives to BPC projects.

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Rebecca Polar IRB Certificate (2011)

5/24/2011 Completion Report


CITICollaborative Institutional Training Initiative

IRB Training English International Modules Curriculum Completion Report Printed on 5/24/2011
Learner: Rebecca Polar (username: bjpolar) Institution: IRB Training Contact Information Department: None
IRB Training English International – Track 1:
Stage 1. Stage 1 Passed on 05/24/11 (Ref # 6056804)
Date Required Modules Completed Score
Module 1: History, Principles of Research Ethics, and 05/24/11 5/5 (100%) Application of Research Ethics Principles to Human Subject Research
Module 2: Research Ethics Committees: Their Authority 05/24/11 5/5 (100%) and Role in the Ethical Review of Research Module 3: Informed Consent 05/24/11 5/5 (100%) Module 4 – International Research 05/24/11 no quiz
For this Completion Report to be valid, the learner listed above must be affiliated with a CITI participating institution. Falsified information and unauthorized use of the CITI course site is unethical, and may be considered scientific misconduct by your institution.
Paul Braunschweiger Ph.D. Professor, University of Miami Director Office of Research Education CITI Course Coordinator

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