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This conference highlights partnerships between school, university, and culturally diverse communities as a means to support classroom practices, improve student outcomes and engage families. In addition, they always highlight culturally responsive pedagogy as a necessary practice for cooperating teachers and other educators working with children who are culturally, linguistically and economically diverse.

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Do You Teach Native American Youth in Northeast WI? If Yes, Attend the Tribal School Educators’ Institute in August 2015!

Are you an educator of Native American Youth? If so, discover how the POSOH Project supports place-based & culturally relevant science teaching and learning by attending the Tribal School Educators’ Institute. For more information or to register check out the brochure: 2015.POSOH.TribalSchool.PDBrochure.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities Summer 2014 eStudy Schedule

Dive into summer learning by registering for one or more of AEA’s upcoming eStudies. These live, real-time online workshops provide you with access to leading industry speakers, informative Q & A opportunities, and invaluable professional development education for all stages of career advancement.

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Getting Started: Introductory Consulting Skills for Evaluators Dates: Wednesday, 7/9; Monday, 7/14; Wednesday, 7/16; Monday, 7/21 Time: 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET Presenter: Gail Barrington

Are you a program evaluator contemplating venturing out on your own? For many, this can be an exciting but intimidating prospect. This eStudy will reveal the simple, but important skills needed to be successful. Through lecture, anecdote, at-home exercises, and independent reflection, participants are encouraged to identify and address their unique issues and prepare an action plan.

Practical Regression Analysis for Evaluation Dates: Tuesday, 7/22; Thursday, 7/24 Time: 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET Presenter: Jeff Wasbes

Whether you are new to quantitative methods in evaluation or just need a refresher to sharpen your skills, this eStudy will help you grasp the basic tools, knowledge, and skills you need for using statistical regression to analyze data effectively. Gain an overview of the basic requisites for running a regression analysis and explore real-world examples and challenges. The eStudy will also address the pragmatic, real-life challenges we face when using this statistical tool.

Staying Power: Intermediate Consulting Skills for Evaluators Dates: Monday, 8/11; Wednesday, 8/13 Time: 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET Presenter: Gail Barrington

Join Gail Barrington as she explores the small business demands and consulting management challenges that independent consultants and practice managers must overcome to build thriving consulting practices. In this eStudy, evaluators and applied researchers will learn to handle the entrepreneurial and small business management skills needed to be successful independent consultants. For those aspiring to have a successful practice, the workshop addresses common problems encountered in the day-to-day management of a small consulting business and identifies key issues faced by consultants.

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