What Can BPC Do for You?

Services BPC Can Provide for You:

  • Business and/or educational consulting services
  • Grant Evaluation
  • Leadership and staff training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical assistance to support school improvement efforts
  • Needs Assessments

Bridging Tribal and non-Tribal groups on policy, research, strategic planning, and evaluation topics
Assistance working with at risk and diverse communities


Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) WisDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
8A Certified

Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Product Service Codes (PSC) and the Federal Supply Codes (FSC): (http://www.sider.com/fsc.htm)

AB11 – Crime Prevention and Control (Basic Research)
AB12 – Crime Prevention and Control (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
AB31 – Rural Services and Development (Basic Research)
AB36 – Rural Services and Development (Management/Support of R&D)
AB41 – Urban Services and Development (Basic Research)
AB91 – Urban Services and Development (Basic Research)
AB92 – Urban Services and Development (Applied Research/Exploratory
AE21 – Product or Service Improvement (Basic Research)
AE91 – Economic Growth-Productivity (Basic Research)
AE92 – Economic Growth-Productivity (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
AF10 – Educational (Unclassified)
AF11 – R&D – Education: Educational (Basic Research)
AF12 – R&D – Education: Educational (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
AF13 – R&D – Education: Educational (Advanced Development)
AF14 – R&D – Education: Educational (Engineering Development)
AF15 – R&D – Education: Educational (Operational Systems Development)
AF16 – R&D – Education: Educational (Management/Support)
AF17 – R&D – Education: Educational (Commercialized)
B542 – Educational
G010 – Dir Aid Tribal Government-Di (PL 93-638)
R405 – Operations Research
R407 – Program Evaluation
R408 – Program Management Support
R410 – Program Review Development
R422 – Phone and Field Interview
R702 – Data Collection
U001 – Training Services – Lectures for Training
U002 – Training Services – Personnel Testing
U004 – Training Services – Scientific and Management Education
U006 – Training Services – Vocational – Technical Training
U008 – Training Services – Training/Curriculum Development
U010 – Training Services – Certifications and Accreditations
U099 – Training Services – Other Educational and Training Service

DOT Commodity Codes: (http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/business/purchase/vendoreg.htm)

906 64 – Planning, Urban (community, regional, area wide, and state)
924 10 – Training Services
948 21 – Consulting Services
952 60 – Job Search Workshop
952 90 – Training and Instruction (for clients, not staff)
961 32 – Environmental Impact Studies
961 34 – Feasibility Studies (all kinds)
956 70 – Research Services
961 03 – Analytical Studies and Survey Service

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Codes:

91800 – Consulting Services
91803 – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Consulting Services
91832 – Consulting Services (not otherwise classified)
91890 – Strategic Technology Planning and Consulting Services
92405 – Advisory Services, Educational
92416 – Course Development Services, Instructional/Training
92419 – Educational Research Services
92435 – In-Service Training (For Employees)
92460 – Not-For- Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
92464 – Partnering Workshop Facilitation Services 95277 – Research and Evaluation, Human Services 96129 – Economic Impact Studies
92132 – Environmental Impact Studies
96160 – Public Opinion Surveys

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes:

541611 – Administrative, Business and General Management Consulting Services
Business Start-Up Consulting Services Reorganizational Consulting Services Strategic Planning Consulting Services
541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
Employee Assessment Consulting Services
541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
541720 – Behavioral Research and Development Services

  • Business Research and Development Services
  • Cognitive Research and Development Services
  • Demographic Research and Development Services
  • Economic Research and Development Services
  • Humanities Research and Development Services
  • Learning Disabilities Research and Development Services
  • Psychology Research and Development Services
  • Social Science Research and Development Services
  • Sociological Research and Development Services
  • Sociology Research and Development Services

611110 – Elementary and Secondary Schools
611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
611710 – Educational Support Services

BOWMAN PERFORMANCE CONSULTING: Summary Capabilities Statement

Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) is a professional consulting and scientific research & evaluation company.
Located in Shawano, WI BPC (www.bpcwi.com) provides services to a national clientele from the public, private, non-profit and tribal sectors. BPC gathers measurable and meaningful data from clients and their stakeholders/customers so that individuals, programs, and organizations can use the data, improve performance, and build capacity from our value-added services in order to function more efficiently and effectively for the short and long-term. BPC services fall under four main categories: research, development, implementation, and evaluation.
At BPC we envision a better world that serves the needs of all people in a culturally sensitive, appropriate, and academically rigorous way. When people are given the skills they need and have access to relevant information they remember and understand they are engaged and empowered through the services, processes, and deliverables that BPC facilitates with them. At BPC we help people, organizations, and systems build capacity with the goal of helping them to become self-sufficient.
Examples of services: feasibility studies, needs assessments, focus groups, surveying, No Child Left Behind support and compliance, program development, organizational improvement design, developing cultural/contextual relevance for programs and training, data analysis, program monitoring, organizational accreditation/certification, curriculum development for individualized materials and/or training, leadership training, customer service training, communication training, strategic planning, literature reviews, qualitative/quantitative (mixed method) research studies, and program, organizational, and systems evaluation.


BPC services fall under four main categories: research, development, implementation, and evaluation.
1. Research services involves studies to document baseline information; test ideas, programs, or theories; and/or to find innovative solutions to problems. Examples: feasibility studies, policy studies, workforce studies, literature reviews, customer service studies, or market studies/analysis.
2. Development services include creation of new policies, programs, organizational, or systemic processes that support long-range efforts by the organization. Examples: professional development for staff; board or leadership training; policy and handbook development; creation of a strategic plan; or development of funding proposals.
3. Implementation services are better known as technical assistance and these services help the client to fully develop ideas, programming, or organizational structures. Examples include: implementation support for new grants or programs; monitoring and providing feedback on new policy/procedural implementation; working on certifications/accreditations; or providing support for implementation of a new strategic plan or workforce practice learned through trainings.
4. Evaluation services help the client understand the short and long-term impacts by developing common performance metrics and indicators so changes in the human, program, organizational, or systems are documented. Data is generated for intended changes to document baselines and so short-term impacts are noted and supports or hindrances for changes are known (process/implementation data). Trend data is gathered over a longer time frame to know the annual or longitudinal (multiple year) impacts of programs, policies, procedures, or other organizational/systemic strategies (outcome data). Examples include: needs assessments; external grant evaluations; setting up monitoring/performance systems; or data retreats using evaluation or research data generated by the client and/or BPC to make data-driven and strategic decisions about programming, workforce, or organizational initiatives.


BPC provides services to the public, private, non-profit, and Tribal sectors and our primary target markets are educational, academic, and Native American communities. We work in a “multi-jurisdictional” manner to support collaborative projects that enrich all who participate. Often these customers work together on joint projects but have lowered capacity, working knowledge, practical experiences, and/or sensitivity to the culture, context, or community needs that the projects are being implemented into. BPC serves to work “with” clients and not “on” them in order to build authentic partnerships and active participants in the project. Through grant funded projects (public and non-profit sources); government sponsored initiatives (Public and Tribal Governments); and private sector partnerships BPC provides services where these target markets all meet by building capacity, strengthening coalitions, and supporting effective and evidence or research based programming. BPC’s multijurisdictional projects and services have been carried out through projects in the disciplines of: health, education, human services, justice, economic development, transportation, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In summary, BPC’s value-added client services allow the greatest opportunity for success so positive changes can be institutionalized and sustained after the project ends.


BPC generates revenue through services on a fee-per-client basis not contingency. Seeking long-term projects (3 to 5 years), BPC has had organizational stability since 2001 through multi-year grant evaluations, research projects, and technical assistance/development projects. Since 2001, annual organizational revenues have ranged from $350,000 to $800,000. BPC tracks how projects are garnered and over 80% are by repeat/word-of-mouth customers and/or due to minority/specialized certification procurement/contract award requirements. BPC is often hired as a subcontractor on large multi-million, multi-state, and/or multi-year government, non-profit, or educational projects. Beyond our strong educational training and solid work experience, BPC is also a state/nationally certified woman, minority, disadvantaged, scientific, and Native American firm. Consequently, strategic partnership building, professional services, on-or under budget deliverables, and marketing are important to BPC’s overall financial health. BPC’s collaborative partnerships and innovative marketing includes electronic, traditional, presentations, publications, and working pro bono with colleagues on task forces, committees, boards, and through presenting/publishing.

Nicole R. Bowman, Owner

Phone: 715-526-9240 Fax: 715-526-6028

Email: nicky@bpcwi.com www.bpcwi.com