College of Menominee Nation Wins Major Grant

The following is an announcement from Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education.

The office of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin has announced a $798,199 grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help provide ACT preparation courses and leadership opportunities to Menominee Indian High School students. The award will be managed by the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) of the College of Menominee Nation.

Project partners collaborating with SDI include the College of Menominee Nation’s teacher education program and digital media program, Menominee Indian School District; Menominee Tribal School; Mawaw Ceseniyah, a community-based Menominee culture and language organization; and the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Midwest Region Fire Prevention program. The four-year grant will enhance and expand SDI’s successful youth enrichment program model known as the Sustainability Leadership Cohort. Funding will bring new multifaceted activities centered on fire, which will help introduce language and culture teachings, science, technology, engineering and math concepts, along with leadership and responsibility. The students will gain a better understanding of how Indigenous ecological knowledge and Western science can interact, and how to apply that understanding to address environmental issues both inside and outside the classroom.

The project team will be providing more ACT preparation opportunities for the Menominee Indian High School students to generate an increase in the number of students who take the ACT and apply to college. In addition to receiving ACT preparation, students will work with teams made up of in-service and pre-service teachers, language and culture practitioners, and CMN staff to develop science lessons for elementary classrooms using Indigenous knowledge as the base. This work will take place on the Menominee reservation in Wisconsin, at the College of Menominee Nation’s Keshena campus, the Menominee Tribal School, and in the Menominee Indian School District.

Both high school and undergraduate interns (pre-service teachers) will be hired in early 2018. Students will receive a stipend for participation in this program and have the opportunity to present their work at relevant conferences. Funding for the project, titled “Preparing Native Youth for the Future through the Sustainability Leadership Cohort,” is through the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education and Office of Indian Education: Indian Education Discretionary Grants Programs: Demonstration Grants for Indian Children Program.

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Apply Today! Menominee Nation is Hiring 4-H Youth Development Educator!

menominee nation

The Menominee County/Nation 4-H Youth Development Educator is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating educational, cultural and leadership programs that meet identified needs and interests of Menominee Nation youth, organizations and community. The Educator organizes community resources in support of the positive development of youth.

To read full job description and apply click here:

Tribal Histories Project on WPT


Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) recently premiered the first three parts of the Tribal Histories project, which over the next two years, will share the history and traditions of all of the state’s American Indian tribes and bands.

In the first three programs, tribal members share their nation’s oral traditions with David Grignon from the Menominee Nation, Randy Cornelius from the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and Jim Thunder and Mike Alloway Sr. from the Forest County Potawatomi. At the following link (, you can watch all three currently available programs online.

Programs featuring the eight other sovereign nations located within Wisconsin’s modern boundaries and the Brothertown Indian Nation, whose sovereign status is no longer recognized by the federal government, will air on WPT in the next couple years.

WPT’s Tribal Histories project is part of Wisconsin’s Act 31 Initiative to provide educational materials about American Indians in Wisconsin to the state’s schools of education and K-12 teachers.

If you would like to provide comments and feedback on the shows, please visit the WPT online survey (

Keeping Menominee Traditions Alive

NBC 26 featured Bowman Performance Consulting’s own Dave Turney in Keeping Menominee Traditions Alive.

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Partners in Education: Keeping Menominee Traditions Alive


GREEN BAY – This summer, a new course offered in the Green Bay School District is keeping the Menominee language alive and passing on its practices to future generations.

The seat of the Menominee tribe is located about 45 miles northwest of Green Bay. Today, there are about 9,000 Menominee left, but of that group, only seven of them speak the native language. Now, Franklin Middle School and Menominees are working together to change that.

For Menominee Elder Napos, knowing how to build a shelter is second nature. But to young students, some who are of Menominee descent, building a “wikiyom” or “wigwam”, a traditional Menominee home, is filled with challenges.

“There are a lot of just basic things I take to naturally that I realize I don’t know,” said Napos.

Napos is one of the seven native Menominee speakers left, and he isn’t surprise parts of their culture has been lost. He says government efforts to assimilate Native Americans were part of the problem. He remembers being shunned in school because of his roots.

“Being punished and physically abused, because I’m just an Indian,” he recalled.

By teaching Green Bay students, Napos hopes to keep their heritage alive

For student Tanya Pena, it’s an eye-opening experience, and a look back into her family’s history.

“They knew it, they spoke it, they knew the culture, and after they died no one passed it on,” she said.

Now, Pena is learning to speak her language, and Napos hopes to encourage the students to use it when they can.

“They’re not used to doing it, and in the past their language was put down so much that they’re shy about speaking it, especially in public,” he said.

This is the first year a Menominee course has been offered in Green Bay. Another Native American course relevant to Northeast Wisconsin on Oneida culture has been in place for the past few years.

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Menominee Business Center Awarded Grant for Rural and Tribal Business Mentoring Program

Menominee Business Center awarded grant for rural and Tribal business mentoring program

Menominee Business Center awarded grant for rural and Tribal business mentoring program.

Area business leaders to mentor under-performing businesses.

Keshena, WI – The Menominee Business Center (MBC) has been awarded a Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) to provide a mentoring program to assist existing rural and Tribal businesses that are under-performing. Local business owner Nicole Bowman, Bowman Performance Consulting, will be providing evaluation support to the RBEG program leaders and mentoring participants.

Bowman says, “As an established business, I’m excited to work with newer businesses. I give practical advice from my own successes and lessons learned. The real world setting will assist mentees to leverage the resources they have, despite limited capacity. Additionally, I’m looking forward to developing innovative performance metrics that will help the Menominee Nation with implementation and longer-term impact for the program.”

About the Mentor Program

The program will assist in the improvement of the Menominee Nation economy by creating and retaining jobs; provide low cost space for office, business, and light industrial users; support local business development programs; and stimulate private sector initiative on the Menominee Reservation.

During the mentorship, participants will take a readiness/capacity assessment. Then they’ll receive tailored training and technical support to develop their individual and/or organizational business capacity, infrastructure, knowledge, skills, and resources. At the conclusion, summative data will be gathered to measure project impacts and longitudinal changes from the initial baseline.

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