Dr. Martin Reinhardt Bio Page

Dr. Martin Reinhardt, Ph.D. (Anishinaabe Ojibway)

Senior Level Project Consultant for Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

Dr. Martin Reinhardt holds a Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University in Educational Leadership (2004). He also has a M.A. from Central Michigan University in Sociology (1998) and a B.S. from Lake Superior State University in Sociology (1994). For more than 20 years, Dr. Reinhardt has studied the intersection of tribal and public educational policy and programming in the United States. His in- depth knowledge of history, tribal treaty rights, and contemporary tribal and public education policy make him a subject matter expert for American Indian education in public and tribal contexts. Currently, Dr. Reinhardt is a tenured associate professor and Chair of Native American Studies at Northern Michigan University. He regularly consults with Tribal Education Departments, the Tribal Educational Departments National Assembly, and other national non-profit, public, and tribal agencies regarding American Indian education, educational leadership, and educational policy on behalf of American Indian students. Dr. Reinhardt brings his unique and experienced treaty, historical, and educational perspectives to BPC projects.

Marty’s Resume

Martin Reinhardt, Ph.D.

Current Professional Activities:

Martin Reinhardt serves as an assistant professor of Native American Studies for Northern Michigan University, and as a co-owner and education division director for First Nations, LLC.

Educational Background:

Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.,

State College, PA 2004

Educational Leadership

American Indian Leadership Fellow

Central Michigan University, M.A.,

Mt. Pleasant, MI 1998


King Chavez Parks Fellow

Lake Superior State University, B.S.,

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 1994


Native American Studies – Minor

Archaeological Field School

Lansing Community College, AA,

Lansing, MI 1992

Liberal Arts

Native American Leadership Program


Northern Michigan University:

Assistant Professor, Native American Studies (2010-present)

Director, Center for Native American Studies (2001-2005)

Adjunct Instructor, Native American Studies (2001-2009)

First Nations, LLC (Formerly Reinhardt & Associates):

Co-Owner/Education Division Director (2006 – Present)


Mid-State Technical College:

Sociology Instructor (2009-2010)

University of Wisconsin Superior:

Distance Learning Advisor/Native Outreach Worker (2008-2009)

Colorado State University:

Research Associate IV, Interwest Equity Assistance Center (2006 – 2008)

AI-DADS Co-PI, Interwest Equity Assistance Center/Center for Applied Studies in American Ethnicity (2007-2008)

Adjunct Instructor, Teacher Education (2006-2008)

Educational Options, Inc.:

Vice President for Diversity and Research (2005)

National Indian School Board Association

External Support, Nah Tah Wahsh PSA/Hannahville Indian School (2001-2005)

Site Visit Team Member, St. Francis Indian School (2003)

Michigan Rural Systemic Initiative (A National Science Foundation Sponsored Project)

Regional Coordinator/Co-PI (2000-2003)

Lake Superior State University:

Program Coordinator, Seventh Generation Stewardship Program (2000) 

U.S., Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, Michigan Agency & Lake Superior State University, Office of the Provost:

Intern (1999)

Central Michigan University:

Director of Native American Programs (1996 – 1998)

Ojibwe History & Traditions Workshop Director (1998)

Native American Concepts in Science and Technology Workshop Director (1998)


Recent Publications:

Reinhardt, Martin. (in process). “Spirit food: A multi-dimensional overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project”. Invited chapter for text called Indigenous Universalities and Peculiarities of Innovation.

Reinhardt, M. Perry Evenstad, J, and Faircloth, S. (2012). “She has Great Spirit: Insights into the relationships between American Indian fathers and daughters”. International Journal for Qualitative Studies in Education. 25:7, 913-931.

Reinhardt, M. (2011). “Zaagidiwin (Love)”. In Voice on the Water: Great Lakes Native American Now (p. 212-214). Marquette, MI: Northern Michigan University.

Reinhardt, M, and Tippeconnic, J. (2010). “The Treaty Basis of American Indian Education”. Indigenous Policy Journal. Vol. XXI, No. 3.

Reinhardt, M. (2007). “Trust doctrine”. In D. L. Fixico (Ed.), Treaties with American Indians: An encyclopedia of rights, conflicts, and sovereignty. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

Maday, Tracy and Reinhardt, Martin. (2005, 2006). Native American Studies. On-line courses available from Educational Options, Inc. http://www.edoptions.com or the Northern Michigan University Center for Native American Studies http://www.nmu.edu/nativeamericans/.

Reinhardt, Martin and Maday, Tracy. (2006). Interdisciplinary Teacher’s Manual for American Indian Inclusion. Available from Educational Options, Inc. http://www.edoptions.com or the Northern Michigan University Center for Native American Studies http://www.nmu.edu/nativeamericans/.

Expert Reader for: Schonberg, Marcia. (2003) Michigan Native Peoples. Chicago: Heinemann Library.