2018 Indian Country Budget

Since the 1970s with the passage of federal policies reinforcing Indian self-determination and self-government, tribal leaders have dramatically improved conditions throughout Indian Country in terms of health, education, entrepreneurship, income, and numerous aspects of physical infrastructure and human capital. However, considerable potential for economic growth remains because much of the economic and infrastructure improvement has stalled since 2010 (Akee and Taylor, 2014 and HUD 2017). Fulfilling the federal trust responsibility is essential to realizing the economic potential of Indian Country. This FY 2018 Tribal Budget Request presents numerous opportunities for public investment in Indian Country by our partners in Congress and the Administration.

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Download the entire FY 2018 document (PDF 3.3 MB)

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Grant Acquisition for Small Business in Indian Country

Join this webinar to receive specific strategies to help small businesses locate available funds.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to develop relationships with small business funders
  • How the Self-Determination Act helped our Federal Agencies create Indian Country agencies within their Federal Department
  • How to find the right small business funder
  • How to write the proposal by “telling your story”
  • How to report back to the funder in a way that will increase your chances of continued financial assistance

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Take a Look at The First Nations Development Institute’s First Study on “Indian Country Food Price Index”


Read First Nations Development Institute’s (FDNI) first study on “Indian Country Food Price Index” and learn about food deserts in Indian Country.  A second study is coming up and your urban Indian community or Tribal Government can be part of it.  FDNI’s solutions focused efforts being led by Indigenous practitioners and scholars to develop practical resources for us is such a breath of fresh clean air in academia!  Anushiik FDNI!

Link to report:  http://indiangiver.firstnations.org/nl160708-05/