Video: Why are There Differences in Tribal Policies and Activities?

Though geography may play a part, Dr. Nicky addresses why there are differences in Tribal policy activities.

The more formal policies between the tribe and the public school, the more policy activities take place. There are more collaborative activities, even informal activities. More social and cultural activities and better feelings and relationships.

Dr. Bowman’s Ed Policy Study Applicable to Any Tribe

Dr. Bowman is asked by her PhD review board, “How applicable do you think your findings are to other native communicates who are concerned about some of the same educational issues?”

Bowman relates that her tribal ed policy study theories and techniques could be replicated in just about any of the 566 tribes – with minor tweaks. She acknowledges differences in laws, policies, resources, and program implementation, but reassures that one could look at their constitution, ordinances, laws and policies. Bowman’s framework could be in other tribal ed departments.

*View Dr. Bowman’s Dissertation Abstract to learn more!


Bowman’s Doctorate of Philosophy

nicole bowman farrell phd doctor of philosophyThe official PhD paperwork arrived in today’s mail after 14 years of coursework, 6 hour commutes from home, IRB x 2 new systems, 2 advisors (I saved the best for last), data collection, & nearly 400 pages of writing. I’m a tired, battle worn but a highly qualified PhD proudly from University of WI-Madison’s School of Education. It literally doesn’t get better than that!! Thanks for all who stood by me, those who helped me along the way, and even those who walked away or doubted this day would come. It made me want it even more.