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Danielle Pingel, (Brothertown)

Research and Data Analyst, Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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Ms. Pingel has over a decade of providing technical research and analytic service support to educational and American Indian projects. She provides support to BPC’s senior staff, and conducts content analysis, clean/code qualitative data, and assists and provides training/TA for project staff on American Indian and scientific instruments/protocols (online, paper, or in person).  Ms. Pingel also specializes in data visualization and incorporates that into her work. She prepares policy scans, conducts literature reviews, and provides data collection/support as needed to key research staff.

Custom Training and Consulting Upon Request

Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

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dani and nickyE-Fundraising: A Guide to Research & Fundraising Methods Online

Nicole R. Bowman, Ph.D. & Dani Ebert

Tuesday June 14th, 2016 | 1:00 pm -2:00 pm CDT |

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Training Description:

In the now technology-centered world we live in, online fundraising is becoming more and more popular as a resource to raise funds. Fundraising online through e-mails, social media, or by other technology and internet-based strategies allows you to reach a broader audience and is more cost effective vs. traditional fundraising methods. In this webinar, participants will learn the differences between traditional and online fundraising and how online fundraising can benefit you and your organization. Participants will be provided with tools and resources to find and acquire funds using the internet through a fundraising methods handout and a template to help prioritize your organization’s fundraising needs.

Training Objectives:
A general overview of online fundraising followed by tips and tutorials on researching for e-fundraising methods to find what works best for you and your organization.  Objectives:

  1. Participants will understand what online fundraising is, the many methods for online fundraising, and the benefits of using the internet and technology to support fundraising efforts.
  2. Participants will be able to use online research strategies to find different methods of e-fundraising.
  3. Participants will be aware of and make better decisions about what types of e-fundraising will be the most feasible and effective for them and their organizations.

Bowman Performance Consulting Employee Dani Ebert Becomes a Member of Leadership Shawano County!

110725 - Dani E pic

As a community member & employer I’m always so happy to see others growing. It’s an even bigger celebration when personal or professional growth of one person is for the benefit of many! Thanks Leadership Shawano County (LSC) for offering your LSC programming to another cohort of fine leaders in our area, including BPC employee Dani Ebert. We couldn’t be prouder!!

Read the article in the Shawano Leader here: http://shawanoleader.com/articles/2015/09/22/bowman-performance-consulting-employee-taking-leadership-class

CITI IRB Refresher for Dani Ebert

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Printed on 05/08/2014
LEARNER Danielle Ebert (ID: 4145781)
PHONE 715-526-9240
EMAIL nrbowmanfarr@wisc.edu
INSTITUTION University of Wisconsin – Madison


COURSE/STAGE: Basic Course/1 PASSED ON: 05/08/2014
REFERENCE ID: 12947497

Investigator Responsibilities – EDSBS 05/08/14 3/4 (75%)
UW-Madison Human Subjects Research Infrastructure 05/08/14 No Quiz
History and Ethical Principles – SBE 05/08/14 4/5 (80%)
Defining Research with Human Subjects – SBE 05/08/14 5/5 (100%)
Assessing Risk – SBE 05/08/14 5/5 (100%)
Informed Consent – SBE 05/08/14 5/5 (100%)
Research With Protected Populations – Vulnerable Subjects: An Overview 05/08/14 4/4 (100%)
Research with Children – SBE 05/08/14 4/4 (100%)
Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools – SBE 05/08/14 4/4 (100%)
University of Wisconsin – Madison 05/08/14 No Quiz

For this Completion Report to be valid, the learner listed above must be affiliated with a CITI Program participating institution or be a paid Independent Learner. Falsified information and unauthorized use of the CITI Progam course site is unethical, and may be considered research misconduct by your institution.

Paul Braunschweiger Ph.D. Professor, University of Miami Director Office of Research Education CITI Program Course Coordinator