Free! AIGC Journey to College Turtle Map

The turtle is seen as strength and solidarity, is old, wise, well respected and teaches us patience and never to give up.

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Landing Native American Scholarships and Grants for Colleges

101 Tips for Landing Native American Scholarships and Grants for College

Whether you’re a freshmen or a senior, life after high school has probably crossed your mind once or twice. If it hasn’t that’s okay, there’s always time to think about it. Some of you probably knew you were going to college early on; for others, it could be a fresh thought. In this free guide Dr. Dean Chavers addresses the subject of college scholarships available to Native students while debunking a variety of myths and false assumptions about scholarship applications. Chavers co-founded Catching the Dream, a national scholarship program for Native American college applicants. He’s well familiar with the rules and best practices that every student should know when applying for grants, financial aid and scholarships, and understands the frustrations experienced by applicants and scholarship program administrators alike. For a brush up on grammar before filling out those scholarship applications, Chavers ends with a quick lesson that will help you write better.

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