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The Center on Education and Work at the UW-Madison is offering four workshops as part of its annual Summer Institute on Career Development. The workshops are designed for professionals who work with youth or adults in education, counseling, or career preparation roles. Cost is $99 per workshop. Visit for details and registration. Space is limited so do not delay.

1. Assessments 201: Building Your Expertise Thurs, July 17, 9 am – 12 pm Interested in “what’s new” in career assessments? Wondering if there is a more effective way to interpret the assessments your office uses? In this workshop, we will explore a range of issues related to using both formal and informal career assessments beyond just “administering a test”. Discussion will include topics such as how to best determine whether an assessment would be helpful for a particular client/student, deciding what assessment to use, interpreting assessment results with the client/student, and new assessment instruments. Participants will take several assessments and role play interpreting the results with a client/student. Judy Ettinger, Ph.D., GCDF Instructor and Master Trainer, Senior Outreach Specialist, Center on Education and Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2. Emotional Intelligence Skills Thurs, July 17, 1 pm – 4 pm During tough exchanges in the workplace we often find ourselves losing our balance and our ability to collaborate effectively.  It’s widely known that more people lose a job due to issues with other people than for a lack of technical competency. This interactive workshop will explore how to recognize a fuller range of choice in how we hear and respond to difficult messages. Participants will learn practical techniques for developing emotional intelligence, practicing self-care in stressful situations, and teaching these skills to others. These techniques are useful to anyone, whether they are struggling with office politics, meeting overwhelm or an inability to move projects forward. Career practitioners, educators, managers– anyone can use this information to assist in the development of these skills with those they serve, manage or teach, as well as for their own personal and professional development. Jennifer Warnick, Trainer Certification Candidate, International Center for Nonviolent Communication, and Director, Wisconsin Empathy Guild; and Debra Claire, Disability Specialist, Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

3. Starting Up a Business: What Does it Take? Fri, July 18, 9 am -12 pm Starting up a business is an option that appeals to many individuals. But what does it realistically take to start up a business… and how can you assist your students and clients who want to explore a start-up idea? In this workshop we will be introduced to the Business Model Canvas, a free, cutting-edge tool which allows individuals to visually outline a new business or start-up idea. Discussion will include how to pick a viable business idea, what personality traits and skills it takes to be successful, and how to define and market to your audience. Participants will also walk through a Business Simulation exercise, an interactive tool that they can share with their own clients or students. This interactive workshop will present the latest information and resources available in the area of business start-ups, delivered in a way that is sure to be both educational and fun. Julie Wood, Education Program Manager and Youth Camp Director, and Michelle Somes-Booher, Business Consultant; Small Business Development Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

4. Applying and Interviewing for Jobs in the Year 2014 Fri, July 18, 1 pm – 4 pm Skype interviews… group interviews… getting past the HR office. Changes in technology along with a tighter economy and job market have affected the application, interview, and hiring process. If you work with students or clients on employability or job seeking skills, this workshop will help you better prepare them for the challenge. Participants will hear from a UW-Madison advisor about the process used to help students apply and interview for jobs, a Human Resources Professional at Epic Systems in Madison regarding the hiring process from an employer’s point of view, and a professional who focuses on how to apply for and land a public sector job. Participants will gain valuable insights on the employment and decision-making process, and information that every job seeker will face in seeking employment in today’s world. Chris McIntyre, Advisor, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lisa E. Dally, Affirmative Action Officer, Wisconsin Department of Administration; and a Human Resources Professional TBN from Epic Systems, Madison, WI.