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Dr. Aluli-Meyer reminded us about the importance of transformative epistemologies that incorporate ways of knowing, ways of being, and ways of doing. She encouraged us as students of culturally responsive evaluation and assessment to challenge narrow cultrocentric standards and ideas that limit our ability, and tap into the brilliance of our mind, body, and spirit!

In leaving the Palmer house with Joe O’Hara (Dublin City University) and Alfredo Artiles (Arizona State U) on the Friday after the closing keynote, I knew I had been CREA’ed – that sense of having been at a special place where something special happened.  In fact, the gathering of this group of interdisciplinary and intergenerational scholars at that particular place of city, in this particular social, political, economic global milieu is historic, agenda and precedent setting, and worthy of continual repeating.

I recall hearing a colleague say at the inaugural conference that these are all the people you go to see at AEA and now they are all in the same room.  I also recall one of the keynote speakers from the inaugural conference, Eric Jolly (Science Museum of Minnesota), suggesting that the knowledge base in that room at CREA could essentially contribute to rewriting and rethinking research and evaluation agendas in major philanthropic, academic, government, and community board rooms around the country and potentially the world.  I believe him and I can’t wait until the 4th International conference!


Rodney Hopson is a professor at George Mason University and Faculty Affiliate, UIUC – CREA


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