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“Wiciwen Niw Kenewak”

Nicole R. Bowman-Farrell, Ph.D. (Mohican/Munsee)

President and Founder
Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Lunaape), Ph.D. is a culturally responsive evaluator. By utilizing traditional Indigenous knowledge, systems, and culturally responsive evaluation theories/methods she builds capacity, designs studies, and builds effective and evidence based models for Tribal and non-Tribal partners nationally and globally. By working “with” people and not “on” them, her policy, evaluation, and professional practices have helped to empower and improve the capacities and strengthen the impacts from hundreds of projects nationally and internationally.

Since 2015, Dr. Bowman is the American Evaluation Association (AEA) Chair/Co-Chair for the Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation and has represented AEA globally on the International Working Group (IWG) and through EvalIndigenous (sub-task force of EvalPartners) since 2016. In 2018, Nicky became the first Indigenous awardee of the American Evaluation Association’s (AEA) 2018 Robert Ingle Service Award for her contributions to the field. Her Ph.D. is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2015) and she currently sits on multiple national/international professional journal review boards and academic task force committees for education, evaluation, and research.

As BPC’s President and Founder (2001) Dr. Bowman is BPC’s primary point of contact. She may be contacted at or 715-526-9240.

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Karen Washinawatok Bio Page

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Karen Washinawatok

Cultural Resource & Research Specialist for Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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CITI Certificate

Ms. Washinawatok holds a M.A. from the University of Arizona in Language, Reading & Culture (2003). She also has a B.A. from Native American Educational Services (NAES) College in Community Studies (1993). She is a lifetime language speaker and traditional leader, has served in leadership in the Menominee Tribal Legislature (MTL) and as MTL Chairwoman for the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (2005). She also served as Dean of the Native American Educational Services (NAES) College on the Menominee Reservation (1994-2004). Ms. Washinawatok provides K-12 educational policy and programming guidance in her role as a board member for the Menominee Indian School District (2009-current) and as a teacher at the Menominee Tribal School (2014-2015). Ms. Washinawatok brings over 30 years of tribal and community centered capacity, skill, and nation-to-nation relation building to educational, cultural, and community-based BPC projects.

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Terra L. Fletcher Bio Page

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Terra L. Fletcher

Marketing Consultant for Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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Terra’s LinkedIn

Terra L. Fletcher has a decade of experience in business development and marketing. She has presented 100+ workshops, panels, and classes on communication. Terra is an adjunct instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, teaches at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year (2012). Terra has trained the Wisconsin Builders Association, National Association of Tax Professionals, the American Counseling Association, Wisconsin Plastics, Prevea Health, and Georgia Pacific. She reads the back of every package, doesn’t fast-forward previews, and goes to the beach as much as possible. Much to the chagrin of those around her, she spots typos and grammatical errors from a mile away.

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Rebecca Polar Bio Page

Rebecca Polar, BS

Project Consultant, Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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Rebecca’s IRB Certificate (2011)

Rebecca’s Résumé

Mrs. Polar holds a B.S. from the University of Arizona in Geosciences, Surficial Processes & Landforms (2000). She has nearly two decades of providing technical research and analytic service support to educational and American Indian projects. She provides support to BPC’s senior staff on key project tasks including fundraising, market research, literature reviews, data collection, data analysis (content or qualitative analysis); clean/code qualitative data, and analytic summaries of information for key BPC documents. As the mother of Indigenous children (Sokaogon Chippewa), she brings family and community-based perspectives to BPC projects.

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Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

Danielle Pingel Bio Page

Danielle Pingel, (Brothertown)

Research and Data Analyst, Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

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Danielle’s IRB Certificate

Ms. Pingel has over a decade of providing technical research and analytic service support to educational and American Indian projects. She provides support to BPC’s senior staff, and conducts content analysis, clean/code qualitative data, and assists and provides training/TA for project staff on American Indian and scientific instruments/protocols (online, paper, or in person).  Ms. Pingel also specializes in data visualization and incorporates that into her work. She prepares policy scans, conducts literature reviews, and provides data collection/support as needed to key research staff.

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Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

Dr. Nicole Bowman Biography

nicky head shot 2Dr. Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Munsee) is the president and founder of the nationally award winning Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) in Shawano, Wisconsin. Nicole earned a PhD in 2015 in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis Department from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), one the nation’s top education schools. Her dissertation was recognized as the first multi-jurisdictional educational policy study in the country to systemically examine how Tribal and non-Tribal educational policy is developed and implemented as public and Tribal governments intersect to educate Indigenous students attending K-12 public schools. Dr. Bowman also has an appointment at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Education Research. She serves as an evaluator for the LEAD Center and the WEC Center.

As BPC’s president, Dr. Bowman has led over two decades of culturally responsive and multi-jurisdictional evaluation, research, training and technical assistance. BPC’s living mission and motto is “working WITH people and not ON them,” reflecting Nicole’s leadership as a responsive and respected subject matter expert on multijurisdictional, education policy, and Indigenous evaluation. This authentic daily practice has helped BPC grow a loyal, diverse, and national client base of hundreds of Native and non-Native clients from all sectors: public, private, and non-profit. BPC is a trusted, collaborative, and innovative partner that provides effective, responsive, and relevant services. BPCs clients do not merely meet their evaluation goals, but build professional and organizational capacities, skills, and resources during the process.

Dr. Bowman’s practical, passionate, and effective leadership attributes resonate with and empower others at every level. She serves as an elected or appointed member on scientific, education, evaluation, and economic boards locally, nationally, and internationally. Nicole is currently an international board member representing the American Evaluation Association (AEA) in the EvalPartners’ global initiative to connect evaluation efforts around the world on the EvalIndigenous work group. She’s also the chair of AEAs Indigenous People in Evaluation, serves on five internal AEA work groups, is a trusted webinar and conference trainer, and was one of the founding board members of AEAs official state affiliate in Wisconsin for evaluation.

Nationally, Dr. Bowman has been affiliated with projects or professional activities conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment, the National Indian Education Association, the Eastern Evaluation and Research Society, the Tribal Education Departments National Assembly, the National Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center, American Institutes for Research, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and IMPAQ International, among many others. She’s also served as a reviewer for many respected academic journals, including the American Journal of Evaluation, New Directions in Evaluation, Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association Journal, and the Journal of American Indian Education. Dr. Bowman’s ongoing academic activities keep her current, competent, and caring across all aspects of her professional life.

At the state and local level, Dr. Bowman is a board member of Wisconsin’s Small Business Development Board, has served over a decade under two governors as a board appointee on the Wisconsin Women’s Council, served many years as a board member and education chair on Wisconsin’s American Indian Chamber of Commerce, and is a founding board member of the Menominee Indian Chamber of Commerce and Shawano Boys and Girls Club. Collectively, Dr. Bowman’s participation has been instrumental in shaping educational, academic, and economic policy as well as bringing evidence-based programming and opportunities to support underrepresented voices at all levels of her service. Culturally responsive, scientifically rigorous, and value added services are just a phone call or e-mail away.

You can contact Dr. Bowman directly to learn more at, or (715) 526-9240, or

Dr. Nicole R. Bowman-Farrell Professional Biography

NICOLE BOWMAN (Mohican/Munsee), PhD

Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Munsee) is the President/Founder of the nationally award winning Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) in Shawano, WI. Nicole has a PhD in Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of WI-Madison. The WI Governor’s Excellence in Small Business is her most recent award which was given in fall 2014 and is the highest award for a minority business in WI. Through Nicole’s academic and professional projects she’s known nationally as a leader in “multi-jurisdictional” research, evaluation, and policy studies that include projects with Native American communities (rural, Reservation, and urban) across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Her consulting work extends into economic development, education, justice, health, culture/language, and human services projects.

As BPC’s President, Nicole has provided nearly two decades of culturally responsive and multi-jurisdictional evaluation, research, training and technical assistance services for national and local projects to hundreds of Native and non-Native clients from all sectors (public, private, and non-profit). BPC strongly values working “with” people and not “on” them. This practice has helped BPC to grow a loyal Native and non-Native client base and a trusted reputation for providing respectful, responsive, and relevant services that build capacity and are performance based. Nicole currently is a State Board Member for WI’s State Small Business Development Board and has served nearly a decade under two WI Governors as a current Board Appointee on the WI Women’s Council. Both Boards are instrumental in shaping WI economic policy, programming and opportunities for business. Nicole is the only Native American to currently serve on these Boards where she represents rural and Native community voices. BPC is often locally called to partner on projects with the American Indian Chamber of Commerce, WI Procurement Institute, WI Small Business Administration/Development Centers, WI Tribal Governments, Chambers of Commerce, and Tribal technical assistance centers, governments, and non-profits to assist with comprehensive economic and community development initiatives.

Nicole is the current international Indigenous Co-Chair (2014-2017) for Indigenous people from around the world within the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and the AEA’s global ambassador for Indigenous representation through advocacy, participation, and leadership in the EvalPartners/United Nations global evaluation initiative. In 2012 Nicole was a co-creator and founding Board Member of the WI American Evaluation Association (AE) Board, the State’s only certified national evaluation affiliate of the AEA, and served as Vice President on the Board. In Nicole’s role as the iMilwaukee! AEA State Board Vice-President she’s committed to building the next generation of evaluators and researchers of color with particular emphasis on Indigenous evaluation for educational and economic policy studies. She has provided key leadership support to strategic planning, development of business operations structures, and conference planning for the WI AEA Board. Since 2001, Nicole has served nationally on behalf of the AEA President and elected Board leadership to plan conferences, support diversity/inclusion, present evidence-based practices, deliver webinars/professional development sessions, and contribute to policy/programming discussions and documents for the inclusion of Tribal Governments and Tribal Colleges in the larger academic discussions held nationally and internationally. Nicole’s professional and academic projects, publications, and activities continue to move forward a Tribal-centric model for research, evaluation, policy, and capacity building that includes and meets the legal requirements of sovereignty and Federal protection laws for Indigenous projects, people, communities, organizations, and Tribal governments. This multi-jurisdictional service delivery and scientific design model has facilitated BPC’s position as a trusted and highly impactful partner with Native and non-Native stakeholders.

BPC currently provides or has recently provided training, technical assistance, and/or scientific and policy studies for client projects in partnership with: American Institutes for Research, US Department of Agriculture, State Departments of Education (MN, MT, WI), the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation & Assessment at the University of Illinois-Urbana, the American Evaluation Association, the Eastern Evaluation & Research Society, IMPAQ International, and many Tribal Colleges and public “research one” Universities across the nation. Her new book chapter, “Culturally Responsive Indigenous Evaluation for Multi-Jurisdictional Projects”, is currently available by Information Age Publishing (2015).

Marty’s Resume

Martin Reinhardt, Ph.D.

Current Professional Activities:

Martin Reinhardt serves as an assistant professor of Native American Studies for Northern Michigan University, and as a co-owner and education division director for First Nations, LLC.

Educational Background:

Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.,

State College, PA 2004

Educational Leadership

American Indian Leadership Fellow

Central Michigan University, M.A.,

Mt. Pleasant, MI 1998


King Chavez Parks Fellow

Lake Superior State University, B.S.,

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 1994


Native American Studies – Minor

Archaeological Field School

Lansing Community College, AA,

Lansing, MI 1992

Liberal Arts

Native American Leadership Program


Northern Michigan University:

Assistant Professor, Native American Studies (2010-present)

Director, Center for Native American Studies (2001-2005)

Adjunct Instructor, Native American Studies (2001-2009)

First Nations, LLC (Formerly Reinhardt & Associates):

Co-Owner/Education Division Director (2006 – Present)


Mid-State Technical College:

Sociology Instructor (2009-2010)

University of Wisconsin Superior:

Distance Learning Advisor/Native Outreach Worker (2008-2009)

Colorado State University:

Research Associate IV, Interwest Equity Assistance Center (2006 – 2008)

AI-DADS Co-PI, Interwest Equity Assistance Center/Center for Applied Studies in American Ethnicity (2007-2008)

Adjunct Instructor, Teacher Education (2006-2008)

Educational Options, Inc.:

Vice President for Diversity and Research (2005)

National Indian School Board Association

External Support, Nah Tah Wahsh PSA/Hannahville Indian School (2001-2005)

Site Visit Team Member, St. Francis Indian School (2003)

Michigan Rural Systemic Initiative (A National Science Foundation Sponsored Project)

Regional Coordinator/Co-PI (2000-2003)

Lake Superior State University:

Program Coordinator, Seventh Generation Stewardship Program (2000) 

U.S., Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, Michigan Agency & Lake Superior State University, Office of the Provost:

Intern (1999)

Central Michigan University:

Director of Native American Programs (1996 – 1998)

Ojibwe History & Traditions Workshop Director (1998)

Native American Concepts in Science and Technology Workshop Director (1998)


Recent Publications:

Reinhardt, Martin. (in process). “Spirit food: A multi-dimensional overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project”. Invited chapter for text called Indigenous Universalities and Peculiarities of Innovation.

Reinhardt, M. Perry Evenstad, J, and Faircloth, S. (2012). “She has Great Spirit: Insights into the relationships between American Indian fathers and daughters”. International Journal for Qualitative Studies in Education. 25:7, 913-931.

Reinhardt, M. (2011). “Zaagidiwin (Love)”. In Voice on the Water: Great Lakes Native American Now (p. 212-214). Marquette, MI: Northern Michigan University.

Reinhardt, M, and Tippeconnic, J. (2010). “The Treaty Basis of American Indian Education”. Indigenous Policy Journal. Vol. XXI, No. 3.

Reinhardt, M. (2007). “Trust doctrine”. In D. L. Fixico (Ed.), Treaties with American Indians: An encyclopedia of rights, conflicts, and sovereignty. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

Maday, Tracy and Reinhardt, Martin. (2005, 2006). Native American Studies. On-line courses available from Educational Options, Inc. or the Northern Michigan University Center for Native American Studies

Reinhardt, Martin and Maday, Tracy. (2006). Interdisciplinary Teacher’s Manual for American Indian Inclusion. Available from Educational Options, Inc. or the Northern Michigan University Center for Native American Studies

Expert Reader for: Schonberg, Marcia. (2003) Michigan Native Peoples. Chicago: Heinemann Library.

Nicole Bowman Resume

Download her complete resume: 3.18.14 Nicole Bowman Resume


Custom Training and Consulting Upon Request Bowman Performance Consulting

Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

Corporate Capabilities



Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) began offering professional consulting, scientific research, and evaluation services in 2001.  BPC’s main office is located in Shawano with several regional offices throughout the state.  BPC provides culturally responsive and contextually applicable services to hundreds of national clientele across multijurisdictional contexts: public, private, non-profit and tribal sectors.  BPC’s clients and projects also span many interdisciplinary areas:  health, human services, education, governance, economic development, and justice.

BPC develops projects, provides training/technical assistance, and designs studies that not only complete the scope of work on time and within budget, but engages clients in a meaningful way so the skills, capacities, and resources are increased as an intentional result of BPC working with you.  When we say that, “BPC works with you and not on you” we truly mean it!  Our job is not done unless the client is more equipped and empowered to do the job after BPC leaves the job site.  As a client of BPC you can expect to be authentically engaged, thinking critically, and making decisions based on measurable targets and data.

WHAT WE SELL:  BPC services fall under four main categories:   research, development, implementation, and evaluation:

  1. Research services involves studies to document baseline information; test ideas, programs, or theories; and/or to find innovative solutions to problems.  Examples:  feasibility studies, policy studies, workforce studies, literature reviews, customer service studies, or market studies/analysis.
  2. Development services include creation of new policies, programs, organizational, or systemic processes that support long-range efforts by the organization.  Examples:  professional development for staff; board or leadership training; policy and handbook development; creation of a strategic plan; or development of funding proposals. 
  3. Implementation services are better known as technical assistance and these services help the client to fully develop ideas, programming, or organizational structures.  Examples include:  implementation support for new grants or programs; monitoring and providing feedback on new policy/procedural implementation; working on certifications/accreditations; or providing support for implementation of a new strategic plan or workforce practice learned through trainings.
  4. Evaluation services help the client understand the short and long-term impacts by developing common performance metrics and indicators so changes in the human, program, organizational, or systems are documented.  Data is generated for intended changes to document baselines and so short-term impacts are noted and supports or hindrances for changes are known (process/implementation data).  Trend data is gathered over a longer time frame to know the annual or longitudinal (multiple year) impacts of programs, policies, procedures, or other organizational/systemic strategies (outcome data).  Examples include:  needs assessments; external grant evaluations; setting up monitoring/performance systems; or data retreats using evaluation or research data generated by the client and/or BPC to make data-driven and strategic decisions about programming, workforce, or organizational initiatives.

WHO WE SELL TO:  BPC provides culturally responsive and contextually applicable services to the public, private, non-profit, and Tribal sectors.  Our primary target markets are the educational, academic, economic development, health, and Native American communities.  We work in a “multi-jurisdictional” manner to support collaborative projects that enrich all who participate.  Often these customers work together on joint projects but have lowered capacity, working knowledge, practical experiences, and/or sensitivity to the culture, context, or community needs that the projects are being implemented into.  BPC serves to work “with” clients and not “on” them in order to build authentic partnerships and active participants in the project.  Through grant funded projects (public and non-profit sources); government sponsored initiatives (Public and Tribal Governments); and private sector partnerships BPC provides services where these target markets all meet by building capacity, strengthening coalitions, and supporting effective and evidence or research based programming.  Uniquely, BPC’s multijurisdictional projects and services have been carried out through projects in the disciplines of:  health, education, human services, justice, economic development, transportation, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). BPC’s value-added client services allow the greatest opportunity for success so positive changes can be institutionalized and targeted resources are leveraged and sustained after the project ends.

FINANCIAL SUMMARY:  BPC is an award winning and nationally credentialed professional service organization that generates revenue through services on a fee-per-client basis not contingency.  Seeking long-term projects (3 to 5 years), BPC has had organizational stability since 2001 through multi-year grant evaluations, research projects, and technical assistance/development projects to sustain, expand, and deepen our service offerings to a national clientele.  Since 2001, our annual organizational revenues have ranged from $450,000 to $900,000 that has been generated by 8-10 multi-year projects (on average).  BPC tracks how our projects are awarded and over 85% our awards come not by competitive bids but rather by repeat clients and/or through word-of-mouth based on our high quality, on time, within budget, and valued added services.  Yes, BPC is a vendor but we’ve grown to have a reputation of being a partner for collaborative and sustained improvement efforts.  BPC’s reputation has resulted in many state, national, and Tribal awards as well as appointments to boards, committees, and task force groups across the country.  Our high quality services, strong business operations, and consistent performance over the years have helped to secure certifications and credentials in the academic and business community.  Certifications include:  Woman-owned Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Minority-owned Business Enterprise, What Works Clearinghouse/U.S. Department of Education Scientific Evaluator, Culturally/Contextually Responsive and Trained Evaluator, Native American / TERO Certified Firm, and former 8a certified organization.  A full list of BPC’s certifications and credentials can be found at

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR & PHILANTHROPIC SUPPORT:  Because BPC is a small business, our efforts for strategic partnering, leveraging resources, and running a lean business is critical to our organizational success and financial health.  BPC is a social entrepreneurial organization that wants to leverage our resources (time, money, supplies, etc.) to contribute to the communities we work in and the causes near and dear to our hearts.  Therefore beyond traditional prime or sub-contracting, BPC contributes via pro bono work with colleagues and pattering organizations on task forces, committees, boards, and through presenting/publishing. Additionally BPC volunteers in and outside of the Shawano, WI community and provides sponsorship through events that are important to BPC’s mission.  Examples of BPC’s volunteerism and philanthropy include:  Domestic Abuse Food & Clothes Drives, Bras for the Cause (Breast Cancer Awareness), Melanoma Awareness Sponsorship, Memorial Bike Rides (Ovarian & Prostrate Cancer), Memorial Golf Tournaments, sponsoring local businesses/entrepreneurs in Chambers of Commerce or U.S. Small Business Administration training events, Coats/Food for Children Drives (for at-risk and low socio-economic children/families), and providing Native American, urban, and rural student scholarships for college, travel abroad, and/or work internship experiences.

Custom Training and Consulting Upon Request Bowman Performance Consulting

Bowman Performance Consulting 271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI 54166 ♦ Phone: 715-526-9240 ♦ Fax: 715-526-6028