Native Health News Alliance Enhances Awareness in Native Communities

najaBowman Performance Consulting provides evaluation and technical assistance services to ensure Native American Journalists Association/Native Health News Alliance health information kiosks and social media outreach are culturally responsive in a virtual context. Project focus is specifically on oral health and breastfeeding. Funding provided through the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

*More about the project from Native American Journalists Association.

NORMAN, Okla. — The Native American Journalists Association (NAJA), headquartered in Norman, Okla., announced a partnership with the Native Health News Alliance (NHNA), which aims to provide greater, improved coverage of health issues across Indian Country.

The project is funded by a $157,537 grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation located in Battle Creek, Mich., June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014. will serve as a health information cooperative for American Indian media. Any journalist covering Native health can create a username to login, contribute and share their stories.

The website was developed in February 2012 through collaboration between NAJA members Teresa Trumbly Lamsam (Osage) and Rhonda LeValdo (Acoma Pueblo), who recognized a need for enhanced coverage of health issues facing their own Native communities.

Reporting kiosks will be a primary NHNA feature, offering journalists reliable, pre-packaged background information on a health issue of particular concern to indigenous communities. Native journalists will be encouraged to localize the issue and then share their stories with the larger community through the NHNA cooperative.

NAJA will contract with freelance journalists to create the first news kiosks on breastfeeding and oral health. The kiosks will include a series of reports that include text, informational graphics, images and video reports as appropriate.

Lamsam, associate professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha, serves as NHNA board president and executive editor.

“When the tragedy of disease is so prominent within your own families and communities, you either give in to it or you find that spark of resiliency,” Lamsam said. “I chose to dig deep and find that spark and that’s when it happened. What I started seeing around me were the stories of wellness, even among those who were struggling the hardest with health.”

LeValdo and Lamsam initially recruited fellow American Indian journalists and launched a citizen wellness blog, Wellbound Storytellers (WBS), in May 2012 to share their unique fitness journeys.

“Our original idea was the WBS would be a blog for Native journalists to get real about their health and become role models in their communities,” Lamsam said. “But, we had such an interest from other Natives, that we opened it up to the non-journalists as well.”

Eventually, the idea for WBS served as the model for a web-based virtual reporting assistant for Native media outlets. NAJA members can now expand their Native health news content by utilizing NHNA resources as an information base and cooperative network for the coverage of shared American Indian health issues.

“Through the website, our goal is to not only provide assistance to resource-strapped Native media but also to provide the avenue for Native American journalists to become the national media leaders in setting the news agenda for health in Indian Country,” Lamsam said.

LeValdo, Haskell Indian Nations University media instructor and NAJA board president, said she hopes NHNA will have a positive impact on the welfare of Indian Country and Native media by providing another opportunity for members to tell their own stories.

“NAJA now has an opportunity to provide content for use by national media outlets while also helping tribal communities by sharing information beneficial to them.  We are excited to work with our NAJA members in this endeavor,” LeValdo said.

About NAJA:

NAJA serves and empowers Native journalists through programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures. NAJA recognizes Native Americans as distinct peoples based on tradition and culture. In this spirit, NAJA educates and unifies its membership through journalism programs that promote diversity and defends challenges to free press, speech and expression.

NAJA is committed to increasing the representation of Native journalists in mainstream media. NAJA encourages both mainstream and tribal media to attain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and responsibility.

For more information, visit or

About the W. K Kellogg Foundation:

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), founded in 1930 as an independent, private foundation by breakfast cereal pioneer, Will Keith Kellogg, is among the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States. Guided by the belief that all children should have an equal opportunity to thrive, WKKF works with communities to create conditions for vulnerable children so they can realize their full potential in school, work and life.

The Kellogg Foundation is based in Battle Creek, Mich., and works throughout the United States and internationally, as well as with sovereign tribes. Special emphasis is paid to priority places where there are high concentrations of poverty and where children face significant barriers to success. WKKF priority places in the U.S. are in Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico and New Orleans; and internationally, are in Mexico and Haiti. For more information, visit

About Bowman Performance Consulting

Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) is a professional consulting and scientific research & evaluation company.  Located in Shawano, WI BPC ( provides services to a national clientele from the public, private, non-profit and tribal sectors.  BPC gathers measurable and meaningful data from clients and their stakeholders/customers so that individuals, programs, and organizations can use the data, improve performance, and build capacity from our value-added services in order to function more efficiently and effectively for the short and long-term.  BPC services fall under four main categories: * research, development, implementation, and evaluation*.

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November 7, 2013 Grant Writing Class

Nicole Bowman taught Introduction to Grant Writing on Thursday November 7th, 2013. The winner of countless award-winning grants shared her best tips and techniques in this three-hour class. Enjoy these highlights and handouts. Watch for upcoming classes!

BPC Mind Map Template handouts

BPC Grant Intake Form

BPC Grant Cycle Key Concepts

BPC Funding Research Planning Worksheet


*Pictures from the class are on Facebook!

*Video clips coming soon!


Custom Training and Consulting Upon Request Bowman Performance Consulting

Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

PEOPLE at Menominee Indian High School

Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) will be at the Menominee Indian High School on Sunday December 8, 2013 from 11am-2pm.


Sunday, December 8th

Menominee Indian HS Auditorium

About the Event

Nicole Bowman of Bowman Performance Consulting and other business professionals will share with the students what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what characteristics lend themselves well to success in the field of business, and how to write and use a business plan in order to create change in our world. After panelists share their experiences and we explain to the students how to write a ‘simple’ form of a business plan, we will break our students up into groups and allow them time to use the PEOPLE template to create their own business plan. They will practice a pitch and present to our panelists. The panelists will then select a winning team from the middle and high school programs, which will win a prize.

The event aims to convey to students the power of entrepreneurship as an agent for change. Regardless of what future careers our students decide to pursue, the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation can empower them to become better problem-solvers and action-takers. This is a message that we hope speaks to all of our students.


Our mission is to help students successfully make each transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college. Approximately 1,300 students currently participate in the PEOPLE Program ranging from second grade through undergraduate college level. We began in 1999 with 66 eager ninth-graders from Milwaukee public high schools who are now completing college degrees and entering the workforce. The PEOPLE Program has admitted 359 students
to the UW–Madison under our scholarship program

The success of the program may be attributed to our dedicated K-12 education partners, to our supportive parents, to a solid foundation provided by the university and private donors and, most importantly, to the persistent need for such programming in the state of Wisconsin. Together, we are making college accessible to more students of color and/or those from low-income families.

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Learn to Write Grants Nov. 7th

Nicole Bowman will be teaching Introduction to Grant Writing on Thursday November 7th, 2013. The winner of countless award-winning grants will be sharing her best tips and techniques in this three-hour class. For only $44 you can join this hands-on workshop and enter for a chance to win FOUR hours of FREE technical assistance from Bowman Performance Consulting to help write your grant. Sign up now by calling Shawano Community Education at 715-526-3194  Ext. 3102.

What Will I Learn?

This introductory class will focus on four phases of the grant writing process using real examples from award winning grants. This class will help participants understand the broader concept of grants as well as the concrete step-by-step process to construct a high quality grant application.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and representatives of organizations looking to secure a grant.

Date: 11/7/2013
Day: Thursday
Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Shawano Middle School
Room: SCE Room 103
Instructor: Nicole Bowman, Bowman Performance Consulting
Price: $44.00


Online Registration

Or call Shawano Community Education at 715-526-3194  Ext. 3102

Custom Training and Consulting Upon Request Bowman Performance Consulting

Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

Commodity Codes

BPC has many commodity codes based on the level of government (State, Federal, Tribal, or Municipal), the certifying agency, and the registered website that BPC has a profile created on.  In this next section you will learn about all the various agencies and procurement websites that BPC is registered at and the relevant commodity codes associated with BPC’s service areas.  First, BPC is a certified business that is registered in the US Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) which has replaced the Central Contract Registration (CCR).  The SAM ( follows the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.

BPC’s NAICS codes are as follows (

  • 541611 – Administrative, Business and General Management Consulting Services
    • Business Start-Up Consulting Services
    • Reorganizational Consulting Services
    • Strategic Planning Consulting Services
    • 541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
      • Employee Assessment Consulting Services
    • 541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
    • 541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
    • 541720 – Behavioral Research and Development Services
      • Business Research and Development Services
      • Cognitive Research and Development Services
      • Demographic Research and Development Services
      • Economic Research and Development Services
      • Humanities Research and Development Services
        • Learning Disabilities Research and Development Services
        • Psychology Research and Development Services
        • Social Science Research and Development Services
        • Sociological Research and Development Services
        • Sociology Research and Development Services
  • 611110 – Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • 611430 – Professional and Management Development
  • 611710 – Educational Support Services

BPC’s Federal Product Service Codes (PSC) and Federal Supply Codes (FSC) are as follows (

  • AB11 – Crime Prevention and Control (Basic Research)
  • AB12 – Crime Prevention and Control (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
  • AB31 – Rural Services and Development (Basic Research)
  • AB36 – Rural Services and Development (Management/Support of R&D)
  • AB41 – Urban Services and Development (Basic Research)
  • AB91 – Urban Services and Development (Basic Research)
  • AB92 – Urban Services and Development (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
  • AE21 – Product or Service Improvement  (Basic Research)
  • AE91 – Economic Growth-Productivity (Basic Research)
  • AE92 – Economic Growth-Productivity  (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
  • AF10 – Educational (Unclassified)
  • AF11 – R&D – Education: Educational (Basic Research)
  • AF12 – R&D – Education: Educational (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
  • AF13 – R&D – Education: Educational (Advanced Development)
  • AF14 – R&D – Education: Educational (Engineering Development)
  • AF15 – R&D – Education: Educational (Operational Systems Development)
  • AF16 – R&D – Education: Educational (Management/Support)
  • AF17 – R&D – Education: Educational (Commercialized)
  • B542 – Educational
  • G010 – Dir Aid Tribal Government-Di (PL93-638)
  • R405 – Operations Research
  • R407 – Program Evaluation
  • R408 – Program Management-Support
  • R410 – Program Review-Development
  • R422 – Phone and Field Interview
  • R702 – Data Collection
  • U001 – Training Services – Lectures for Training
  • U002 – Training Services – Personnel Testing
  • U004 – Training Services – Scientific and Management Education
  • U006 – Training Services – Vocational – Technical Training
  • U008 – Training Services – Training/Curriculum Development
  • U010 – Training Services – Certifications and Accreditations
  • U099 – Training Services – Other Educational and Training Services

BPC’s National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Codes are as follows (

  • 91800 – Consulting Services
  • 91803 – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Consulting Services
  • 91832 – Consulting Services (not otherwise classified)
  • 91890 – Strategic Technology Planning and Consulting Services
  • 92405 – Advisory Services, Educational
  • 92416 – Course Development Services, Instructional/Training
  • 92419 – Educational Research Services
  • 92435 – In-Service Training (For Employees)
  • 92460 – Not-For- Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
  • 92464 – Partnering Workshop Facilitation Services
  • 95277 – Research and Evaluation, Human Services
  • 96129 – Economic Impact Studies
  • 92132 – Environmental Impact Studies
  • 96160 – Public Opinion Surveys

BPC’s State of WI Department of Transportation Commodity Codes are as follows: (

  • 906 64 – Planning, Urban (community, regional, area wide, and state)
  • 924 10 – Training Services
  • 948 21 – Consulting Services
  • 952 60 – Job Search Workshop
  • 952 90 – Training and Instruction (for clients, not staff)
  • 961 32 – Environmental Impact Studies
  • 961 34 – Feasibility Studies (all kinds)
  • 956 70 – Research Services
  • 961 03 – Analytical Studies and Survey Services

NOTE:  BPC is also registered with the WI Vendornet System (WI State Procurement Website), many Native American (TERO, Indian Preference) procurement databases, local or State Chambers of Commerce or Economic Development databases, and professional/academic service databases. For more information please contact Nicole Bowman, BPC President at or 715-526-9240.

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Bowman Performance Consulting 271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI 54166 ♦ Phone: 715-526-9240 ♦ Fax: 715-526-6028

Corporate Capabilities



Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) began offering professional consulting, scientific research, and evaluation services in 2001.  BPC’s main office is located in Shawano with several regional offices throughout the state.  BPC provides culturally responsive and contextually applicable services to hundreds of national clientele across multijurisdictional contexts: public, private, non-profit and tribal sectors.  BPC’s clients and projects also span many interdisciplinary areas:  health, human services, education, governance, economic development, and justice.

BPC develops projects, provides training/technical assistance, and designs studies that not only complete the scope of work on time and within budget, but engages clients in a meaningful way so the skills, capacities, and resources are increased as an intentional result of BPC working with you.  When we say that, “BPC works with you and not on you” we truly mean it!  Our job is not done unless the client is more equipped and empowered to do the job after BPC leaves the job site.  As a client of BPC you can expect to be authentically engaged, thinking critically, and making decisions based on measurable targets and data.

WHAT WE SELL:  BPC services fall under four main categories:   research, development, implementation, and evaluation:

  1. Research services involves studies to document baseline information; test ideas, programs, or theories; and/or to find innovative solutions to problems.  Examples:  feasibility studies, policy studies, workforce studies, literature reviews, customer service studies, or market studies/analysis.
  2. Development services include creation of new policies, programs, organizational, or systemic processes that support long-range efforts by the organization.  Examples:  professional development for staff; board or leadership training; policy and handbook development; creation of a strategic plan; or development of funding proposals. 
  3. Implementation services are better known as technical assistance and these services help the client to fully develop ideas, programming, or organizational structures.  Examples include:  implementation support for new grants or programs; monitoring and providing feedback on new policy/procedural implementation; working on certifications/accreditations; or providing support for implementation of a new strategic plan or workforce practice learned through trainings.
  4. Evaluation services help the client understand the short and long-term impacts by developing common performance metrics and indicators so changes in the human, program, organizational, or systems are documented.  Data is generated for intended changes to document baselines and so short-term impacts are noted and supports or hindrances for changes are known (process/implementation data).  Trend data is gathered over a longer time frame to know the annual or longitudinal (multiple year) impacts of programs, policies, procedures, or other organizational/systemic strategies (outcome data).  Examples include:  needs assessments; external grant evaluations; setting up monitoring/performance systems; or data retreats using evaluation or research data generated by the client and/or BPC to make data-driven and strategic decisions about programming, workforce, or organizational initiatives.

WHO WE SELL TO:  BPC provides culturally responsive and contextually applicable services to the public, private, non-profit, and Tribal sectors.  Our primary target markets are the educational, academic, economic development, health, and Native American communities.  We work in a “multi-jurisdictional” manner to support collaborative projects that enrich all who participate.  Often these customers work together on joint projects but have lowered capacity, working knowledge, practical experiences, and/or sensitivity to the culture, context, or community needs that the projects are being implemented into.  BPC serves to work “with” clients and not “on” them in order to build authentic partnerships and active participants in the project.  Through grant funded projects (public and non-profit sources); government sponsored initiatives (Public and Tribal Governments); and private sector partnerships BPC provides services where these target markets all meet by building capacity, strengthening coalitions, and supporting effective and evidence or research based programming.  Uniquely, BPC’s multijurisdictional projects and services have been carried out through projects in the disciplines of:  health, education, human services, justice, economic development, transportation, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). BPC’s value-added client services allow the greatest opportunity for success so positive changes can be institutionalized and targeted resources are leveraged and sustained after the project ends.

FINANCIAL SUMMARY:  BPC is an award winning and nationally credentialed professional service organization that generates revenue through services on a fee-per-client basis not contingency.  Seeking long-term projects (3 to 5 years), BPC has had organizational stability since 2001 through multi-year grant evaluations, research projects, and technical assistance/development projects to sustain, expand, and deepen our service offerings to a national clientele.  Since 2001, our annual organizational revenues have ranged from $450,000 to $900,000 that has been generated by 8-10 multi-year projects (on average).  BPC tracks how our projects are awarded and over 85% our awards come not by competitive bids but rather by repeat clients and/or through word-of-mouth based on our high quality, on time, within budget, and valued added services.  Yes, BPC is a vendor but we’ve grown to have a reputation of being a partner for collaborative and sustained improvement efforts.  BPC’s reputation has resulted in many state, national, and Tribal awards as well as appointments to boards, committees, and task force groups across the country.  Our high quality services, strong business operations, and consistent performance over the years have helped to secure certifications and credentials in the academic and business community.  Certifications include:  Woman-owned Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Minority-owned Business Enterprise, What Works Clearinghouse/U.S. Department of Education Scientific Evaluator, Culturally/Contextually Responsive and Trained Evaluator, Native American / TERO Certified Firm, and former 8a certified organization.  A full list of BPC’s certifications and credentials can be found at

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR & PHILANTHROPIC SUPPORT:  Because BPC is a small business, our efforts for strategic partnering, leveraging resources, and running a lean business is critical to our organizational success and financial health.  BPC is a social entrepreneurial organization that wants to leverage our resources (time, money, supplies, etc.) to contribute to the communities we work in and the causes near and dear to our hearts.  Therefore beyond traditional prime or sub-contracting, BPC contributes via pro bono work with colleagues and pattering organizations on task forces, committees, boards, and through presenting/publishing. Additionally BPC volunteers in and outside of the Shawano, WI community and provides sponsorship through events that are important to BPC’s mission.  Examples of BPC’s volunteerism and philanthropy include:  Domestic Abuse Food & Clothes Drives, Bras for the Cause (Breast Cancer Awareness), Melanoma Awareness Sponsorship, Memorial Bike Rides (Ovarian & Prostrate Cancer), Memorial Golf Tournaments, sponsoring local businesses/entrepreneurs in Chambers of Commerce or U.S. Small Business Administration training events, Coats/Food for Children Drives (for at-risk and low socio-economic children/families), and providing Native American, urban, and rural student scholarships for college, travel abroad, and/or work internship experiences.

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Bowman Performance Consulting 271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI 54166 ♦ Phone: 715-526-9240 ♦ Fax: 715-526-6028

BPC Goes to Marketplace 2013

Bowman Performance Consulting’s Nicole Bowman will be attending Marketplace 2013 October 15th and 16th. She will be discussing How to Build Capacity through Mentor – Protégé Programs on Wednesday’s 2:15pm panel.


MARKETPLACE 2013 is being held on October 15 and 16 at the Potawatomi Conference Center in Milwaukee. At this event, you will have the opportunity to present your business to buyers and buyer’s representatives from Federal, State and Local Governments as well as Corporations both large and small. The market is competitive. Understanding your customer, understanding what your customer is looking for and understanding how to present your value and capabilities are critical to success.

– Federal and Non-federal certifications
– Teaming and partnering
– Selling and Marketing to the government
– Finding Government Contracting Opportunities
– Preparing to attend Marketplace 2013
– Targeting Your Search for Local, State, Tribal and Federal Contracting Opportunities
– Contract Financing

To view the AGENDA, please click here.

View B2G Connect website
  Register For This Event Now


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Bowman Performance Consulting 271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI 54166 ♦ Phone: 715-526-9240 ♦ Fax: 715-526-6028


Packers Seeking Applicants for Fourth Year

Nicole Bowman had the privilege of being a part of the Packers Mentor-Protege Program and wants to pass along their call for applicants for the coming year.

*About Bowman’s Mentor Protege Match

*Bowman’s Celebration of Success at the Program’s Completion

Packers Mentor-Protégé Program seeking applicants for fourth year 

The Green Bay Packers Mentor-Protégé Program is seeking mentor and protégé applicants for its fourth year of partnerships to foster business growth, economic development and job creation in Brown County and the surrounding areas.

Protégé companies in the program will be matched with mentor companies that can provide technical, managerial, financial or other guidance to improve their competitive standing. The mentor-protégé relationship requires at least a 12-month commitment.

Five matched companies currently finishing their year in the program are Miron Construction, Neenah, and Current Electrical Services, Green Bay; RR Donnelley, De Pere, and Strength of the Hands, De Pere; Bay Towel, Green Bay, and Ascher’s Janitorial Services, Abrams; The Boldt Company, Appleton, and Bonnie Kratz Photography, Luxemburg; and Integrys Energy Services, De Pere, and JT Engineering, Green Bay.

The program is administered by AFF Research LLC (AFFR). AFFR has consulted in the field of supplier diversity for 13 years, and has worked on the Lambeau Field redevelopment project and is working on the current stadium expansion project. AFFR assists their clients in designing and implementing comprehensive supplier diversity program. They also provide guidance to entrepreneurs.

“We’ve been very pleased with the mentor-protégé program’s growth over the past three years,” said Anna Steinfest, President/CEO of AFF Research. “A number of local companies have come together to form lasting relationships that help improve business in Northeast Wisconsin. With the third season of the program currently underway, we’re happy to begin accepting applications for yet another successful year of fostering business growth.”

Questions and requests for protégé applications should be directed to AFFR at 920-884-5006 or via e-mail at

More information on the Mentor-Protégé program can be found online at

Custom Training and Consulting Upon Request Bowman Performance Consulting

Bowman Performance Consulting  271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI  54166  ♦  Phone:  715-526-9240  ♦  Fax:  715-526-6028

Minnesota Indian Education Summit Report and Pictures

Bowman Performance Consulting has been working with American Institutes for Research and the Minnesota Indian Education Summit. The report is now available!

Click to view the PDF of “American Indian Education in Minnesota: Analytic Review of Key State and National Documents”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*More about the MN Indian Ed Summit.

This event, hosted by the Minnesota Department of Education and the Midwest Comprehensive Center, will be especially beneficial for state and tribal leaders and policymakers, tribal and public education administrators and staff, and Indian education stakeholders.

Building on the Governor’s American Indian Education Summit held on January 9, 2012, and, as a result of new Minnesota legislation, this event is the first in a series of annual events addressing American Indian education issues in Minnesota. Key topics to be addressed at this event include the following:

  • American Indian education in Minnesota, with sessions on meeting requirements for Indian education in your school, connecting to the Minnesota education system, and best practices currently being used by schools and districts in the state
  • Data use and American Indian students, with sessions on graduation rates and dropout rates for American Indian students
  • Partnerships that benefit American Indian students, with sessions regarding collaborations among tribal education, public schools and districts, and community organizations

*Read Previous Articles:
Minnesota American Indian Education Summit
MN Indian Ed Conference “Spotlight” on AIR Midwest

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Bowman Performance Consulting 271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI 54166 ♦ Phone: 715-526-9240 ♦ Fax: 715-526-6028

BPC Works With University of WI-Madison

Project Summary:

BPC provides external grant evaluation to the University of WI-Madison’s (UW) United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant.  This 5 year and $5 million dollar project provides a curriculum development process, professional development training, creation of middle school (gr. 6-8) science/culture units, and utilizes community, culture, and local STEM workforce to guide the curriculum development process.  The project seeks to generate more Native and rural students who are interested in STEM careers.  Participating educators and students are able to be part of hands-on and research based STEM clubs (Sustainability Clubs) and research activities with UW and affiliate university research partners.  BPC has provided the leadership with support on IRB protocols, instruments, and approval; has designed and carried out a comprehensive, scientifically rigorous and culturally appropriate mixed-methods evaluation plan; and has implemented two nationally normed research instruments (Stages of Concern Questionnaire  and the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum).  BPC generates an annual evaluation report and also assists with USDA required presentations and reports as needed.

Client Sector:

Higher Education

BPC Services:


Project Term:

2011 – 2015

Bowman Performance ConsultingCustom Training and Consulting Upon Request

Bowman Performance Consulting 271 River Pine Drive, Shawano, WI 54166 ♦ Phone: 715-526-9240 ♦ Fax: 715-526-6028