BPC Staff

BPC Scientific, Technical, and Project Support

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Scientific Staff

Dr. Nicole R. Bowman-Farrell, Ph.D. (Mohican/Munsee); President and Founder, Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

Dr. Linda Sue Warner, Ph.D. (Comanchee); Senior Level Project Manager

Dr. Martin Reinhardt, Ph.D. (Anishinaabe Ojibway); Senior Level Project Consultant

Dr. Lisa Aponte-Soto, Ph.D, Key Scientific Staff 

Dr. John Tippeconnic, Ph.D. (Comanche/Cherokee); Key Scientific Staff

Dr. Gerald E. Gipp, Ph.D. (Hunkpapa Lakota); Key Scientific Staff

Dr. Leah C. Neubauer, Ed.D., MA; Key Scientific Staff

Dr. Lemyra DeBruyn, Ph.D.; Key Scientific Staff

Dr. Jolene Bowman, Ph.D. (Mohican/Munsee); Key Scientific Staff

Mr. David Cournoyer, B.S. (Rosebud Sioux); Key Scientific Staff

Dr. Wayne Johnson, Ed. D. (Muscogee Creek/Seminole); Key Scientific Staff 

Ms. Karen Washinawatok, M.A. (Menominee); Elder in Residence

BPC Technical and Project Support Staff

Ms. Alison Bowman (Mohican/Munsee); Project Manager and Research Analyst

Ms. Eden Huntington (Bad River/Menominee/Oneida); Research Office & Project Manager

Ms. Mary Ellen Huntington (Bad River/Menominee/Oneida); Organizational Support

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