See Dr. Bowman on the Eleanor Chelimsky Forum Tomorrow!

Dr. Bowman and Dr. Hood

Dr. Bowman and Dr. Hood

The Eleanor Chelimsky Forum

In its 4th year for the 2016 conference, the Chelimsky Forum on Evaluation Theory and Practice focuses on a conference theme through the eyes of selected luminaries from the evaluation field. Supported again by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this spring’s Forum Plenary Presentation will feature Stafford Hood, Director of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment. The role of Forum Discussant will be served by Nicole Bowman, President and founder of Bowman Performance Consulting.

When:  Monday, May 2nd 9:00 to 10:15 am

Where:  Salons A and B

Introduction:  Jill Feldman, Westat

Continuing the Exploration of U.S Evaluation History during the Pre-Brown v. Board of Education Era (1930-1954) and the Nobody Knows My Name Project: A Notable Footprint in the U.S. Office of Education

Featured Speaker:  Stafford Hood, Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment

This presentation builds upon previous work undertaken by Hood (1998, 2001; Hopson & Hood, 2005; Hood & Hopson, 2008, and Anderson-Frazier & Bertrand-Jones 2015) as part of the “Nobody Knows My Name” project. This project aimed to discover and acknowledge our roots in the evaluation field by illuminating the untold contributions of African American educational researchers and evaluators to evaluation research in the United States during the pre-Brown era. This presentation provides an opportunity to reflect on Eleanor Chelimsky’s significant contributions to evaluation theory and practice within the context of the federal government while similarly considering the contributions of Ambrose Caliver, who in 1930 was appointed the Specialist in the Education of Negroes in the U.S. Office of Education’s Division of Special Problems. Caliver became a significant figure, contributing to efforts to meld culturally-informed theory and practice in responding to the educational inequities facing African Americans of the day.

Discussant:  Nicole Bowman, Bowman Performance Consulting

*This session will be videotaped.