Mark Your Calendar! Nicole Bowman Selected to Present a Full-Day Workshop at AEA Conference!

Our very own Nicole Bowman has partnered with longtime colleague and friend, Fiona Cram, to present a full-day workshop on Utilizing Indigenous Knowledge, Frameworks, & Case Studies to Inform & Transform Evaluation Practice at this year’s American Evaluation Association conference in Chicago, IL. This workshop will be November 10th, 2015 from 9am-4pm and will focus on the culturally responsive evaluation of services and programs provided for and/or designed by Indigenous peoples. The workshop is structured to answer three key questions in Indigenous Evaluation (IE): 1. Who should undertake IE? 2. What do evaluators need to understand about Indigenous contexts? How IE should be done?

By Participating In this Workshop, you will be able to:
1. Identify the principles and values of Indigenous evaluation (IE).
2. Explain the complexities of Indigenous circumstances and contexts along with the need for IE for Indigenous services and programmes.
3. Describe the applications and limitations of IE within Indigenous communities and organizations.
4. Apply culturally responsive strategies to the selection and mixing of methods for IE.
5. Prepare a protocol for culturally responsive Indigenous evaluation through case studies and real world applications of IE.

Registration information will be available soon!