Grants and Loans for Businesses through Non-Profits


  1.  Non-profit:
    1. Kern Engineering and Entrepreneurship Network,

i.      The KEEN (Kern Engineering and Entrepreneurship Network) accepts Institutional grant proposals that contain, but are not limited to, cultural, curricular, and extracurricular components such as faculty development and activities that foster relationships between colleges within the university, initiatives that engage the entire engineering student body, etc. This grant should aim toward permanent institutional change consistent with the broad mission of the KEEN Program.

  1. The Kresge Foundation Social Investment Practice,

i.      Award single and multi-year grants and make program-related investments that provide capital via loans, loan guarantees and other mechanisms.

  1. The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Grant Program,

i.      Provides grants to reinvigorate and revive the authority of the traditional institutions of civil society – families, schools, churches, neighborhoods, and entrepreneurial enterprises – that cultivate and provide room for the exercise of citizenship, individual responsibility, and strong moral character.