Peer review written on a white board

On March 28, the Department released Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan peer review criteria for Title I, Part A; Title III, Part A; and the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Programs under theMcKinney-Vento Act.  These are the only programs of the consolidated state plan which are required to be peer reviewed; for all other sections of the plan, Department staff will review the state’s submission.  This document is intended to help ensure that each state submits a complete state plan, as well as guide peer reviewers in making recommendations to the Secretary on whether each state plan meets the requirements in the revised template for those programs subject to peer review.

The document presents each of the requirements in the template in the form of questions, broken down into smaller segments (webinar presentation).

Meanwhile, on April 3 — the first of two submission dates; the second is September 18nine states and the District of Columbia submitted state plans to the agency.  Another seven states indicated that they had submitted plans to their governors’ office (for the statutorily-required 30-day review period) and will submit plans to the agency no later than May 3.  Department staff are checking plans to determine if they are complete and, if so, will post plans online once scrubbed of personally identifiable information.