Dr. Jolene Bowman Bio Page

dr jolene bowman

Dr. Jolene Bowman, Ph.D. (Mohican/Munsee)

Key Scientific Staff for Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

Dr. Jolene Bowman holds a Ph.D. from Cardinal Stritch University in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning & Service (2015). She also has a M.A. from Silver Lake College in Management & Organizational Behavior (2004) and a B.S. from Marian College of Fond Du Lac in Business Administration (1995). She has nearly 25 years of experience in elected tribal governance (2006-2010) and tribal leadership/program management within education, contracts, grants, and workforce development areas. As the Stockbridge-Munsee Director of Education, Employment, and Training (2006-present) and former tribal Contracts and Grants Manager (1995-2006), Dr. Bowman understands program accountability, monitoring, and reporting compliance aspects as well as the development, outreach, and strategic partnership and planning components of working with tribal communities. Her Ph.D. studies and current position at the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe reflect the expertise in higher education, student persistence, and improving the educational experiences and outcomes for tribal students attending public, private, and tribal colleges and universities that she brings to all BPC projects.