Dr. Gerald E. Gipp Bio Page

Dr. Gerald E. Gipp, Ph.D. (Hunkpapa Lakota)

Key Scientific Staff for Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

Dr. Gerald E. Gipp holds a M.ED and Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Pennsylvania State University.  During his more than 4 decades in education, Dr. Gipp has served as a teacher, University President, and most recently Executive Director. His focus has been to review goals, objectives, strategies; making recommendations concerning more effective coordination, cooperation, and utilization of resources for Native American people.  Dr.Gipp possesses expert knowledge in the areas of systemic and sustainable improvements in science, mathematics and technology in rural, urban and statewide programs.  Currently he is the Executive Director of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) where he serves as the voice and advocate of the tribal colleges and universities at the national level.  Dr. Gipp brings unique knowledge and experienced education based policy and standards development for BPC’s clients, partners, and projects.