Asking for your support – GEDAKINA’S annual Fall Fundraiser


Greetings, we are asking for your generous support of our annual fundraising campaign. All
funds raised go to support our community-based programs and activities for Native American
children, women and their families from across New England. Examples of how we use your
generous donations include: Distribution of Thanksgiving Food baskets; Winter clothing for
youth; Supplies for cultural activities like our Bringing Back Our Songs project where youth
make their own hand drums and learn traditional songs; Distribution of children’s books by
Native American authors from New England, to children and their families and to tribal schools
and after-school programs through our – Our Stories project; and distribution of fishing rod and
reel sets for our youth fishing/food project. Thanks to your generous support we have never
charged any youth or family member to participate in any of our activities – and we have been
around doing this work since 2002. So a big thank you to everyone that has supported these and
our activities – because without your assistance and support – we really wouldn’t be able to do as
much as we do.

Way to support our DawnLand Fund:

Visit and safely/securely donate using our PayPal link.

Send checks or money orders to:
GEDAKINA PO Box 2363 Amherst, MA 01004
GEDAKINA PO Box 2478 Bangor, ME 04402
GEDAKINA PO Box 9061 Essex, VT 05451

Thanks for your support!! GEDAKINA is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law


Forward Promise: Empowerment Projects

Forward Promise Empowerment Projects
Grant Opportunity

First Nations Development Institute has partnered with Forward Promise to bring you this important message.Forward Promise, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, established to promote the health of boys and young men of color (BYMOC), is pleased to announce the release of its new Call for Proposals (CFP) – Forward Promise: Empowerment Projects.

Forward Promise: Empowerment Projects seeks to elevate solutions and strategies that provide culturally-relevant and evidence-supported responses to trauma for BYMOC ages 12-24, while promoting opportunities for them to heal, grow and thrive.

Empowerment Projects will support up to nine organizations with grants between $150,000 and $450,000 over two years, to strengthen their capacity to provide programming for and with BYMOC; enhance their ability to use data and research; and increase their ability to influence policy and practice in support of culturally-responsive, trauma-informed, and healing-promoting strategies BYMOC.


Complete information about the CFP and how to apply is also available at The deadline for submitting brief proposals is May 2, 2017, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

Call for Storyteller Applications: Native Nonprofits

NAP is now accepting Storyteller Applications for our #GenIndigenous Regional Convenings! Apply by March 27th, 2017 to join us in San Francisco or Seattle and present on your organization and the important work you’re doing to strengthen the health and well-being of Native youth. Applications will be considered by how programming is addressing gaps and disparities and championing community assets, cultural competency, leadership that reflects the community served, and the impact on Native youth. The application requirements can be found online here:

Boys & Girls Club of Shawano #GiveLocal

Dr. Nicole Bowman, advisory board member of the Shawano Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club dropped off a little gift on their first day working with students. Based in Brener School in Shawano, the club’s mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

Check out the Obama Foundation!

“I won’t stop; in fact, I will be right there with you, as a citizen, for all my days that remain.”

—President Barack Obama, January 10, 2017

Click to visit the Obama Foundation.

Dr. Bowman on CREA Blog


Dr. Aluli-Meyer reminded us about the importance of transformative epistemologies that incorporate ways of knowing, ways of being, and ways of doing. She encouraged us as students of culturally responsive evaluation and assessment to challenge narrow cultrocentric standards and ideas that limit our ability, and tap into the brilliance of our mind, body, and spirit!

In leaving the Palmer house with Joe O’Hara (Dublin City University) and Alfredo Artiles (Arizona State U) on the Friday after the closing keynote, I knew I had been CREA’ed – that sense of having been at a special place where something special happened.  In fact, the gathering of this group of interdisciplinary and intergenerational scholars at that particular place of city, in this particular social, political, economic global milieu is historic, agenda and precedent setting, and worthy of continual repeating.

I recall hearing a colleague say at the inaugural conference that these are all the people you go to see at AEA and now they are all in the same room.  I also recall one of the keynote speakers from the inaugural conference, Eric Jolly (Science Museum of Minnesota), suggesting that the knowledge base in that room at CREA could essentially contribute to rewriting and rethinking research and evaluation agendas in major philanthropic, academic, government, and community board rooms around the country and potentially the world.  I believe him and I can’t wait until the 4th International conference!


Rodney Hopson is a professor at George Mason University and Faculty Affiliate, UIUC – CREA


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Dr. Reinhardt and Dr. Bowman to present at NIEA!

Check out Dr. Bowman’s session to take place Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at NIEA, Pre-Convention!

Utilizing a Tri-Lateral Model Approach to Revitalize Tribal Education Systems

Dr. Nicole Bowman, Bowman Performance Consulting and Dr. Martin Reinhardt, Northern Michigan University

Description:  Western approaches to tribal and public education policy and programming results in gaps in services, poor resource allocation, inappropriate programming, and chronic education system failure, resulting in unmet American Indian (AI) education needs. This pre-convention workshop introduces a tri-lateral educational model that tribal governments can use to build their own model for Indian education. Using data and lessons learned from previous tri-lateral studies, participants will consider key components of a tri-lateral model, an overview of studies with key findings, and discussion/work time to process how the tri-lateral model may help them study their own educational ordinances, policies, and practices to build capacities and systems of support for Indian education in their own community.   Building stronger tribal/public government systems of support for achieving the vision of developing a true tri-lateral (tribal, federal, state) responsibility to improve the educational success of American Indian students is possible.  Attend this pre-convention workshop and be prepared to learn from one another and share ideas, resources, and practical strategies for a better tomorrow.

Time: 9 – 4:30pm (7.5 hours)
Room: Carson 4

*Register Now!

Dr. Bowman on Board for Boys and Girls Club

boys and girls clubDr. Nicole Bowman has been appointed to the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Shawano.

Read the Founder’s Campaign Kick off Press Release below.

The Need is Great and Growing! “Boys and Girls Club” Coming to Shawano

Shawano, WI, July 14, 2016.   It has been almost three years since Mayor Marquardt approached a group of community leaders about the need for an after school program for kids.  A group of 15 formed a committee to identify organizations that could provide citizenship-building and social opportunities for children of various ages.  The leaders targeted two organizations: Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) and the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) as programs of interest.  In late 2013 the group divided to work on each of these initiatives.  In 2014 the group established the Big Brothers, Big Sisters at the Shawano School District.  BBBS is a mentoring program to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with volunteer mentors.  This program has grown over the past couple of years and now has over 50 matches.  They still have kids that need matches, so please consider becoming a big brother or big sister.

As the Big Brothers, Big Sisters was created, a different group of community leaders started the Boys and Girls Club Initiative. The Boys and Girls Club mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  The Boys and Girls Club team determined there is a growing need for an after school program that can help our young people to grow to their fullest potential.

Why is the need so great and growing?

  • Large segments of the youth in Shawano are not involved in productive after school activities. Many children are on their own, without supervision between the times school lets out until their parents/guardian return from work. They often complain there is no place to go, and they frequently end up in trouble.
  • Often, positive role models are not present because parents are working or absent. This is impacted by the number of kids that are growing up in single parent households, which continues to increase and is at 32% according to the 2016 County Health Rankings for Shawano County.
  • Our youth are dealing with inadequate life skills, slipping grades, truancy problems, poor self-esteem and a lack of positive role models– starting young is the key.
  • Job opportunities for true living wage within the city of Shawano and the county are few; therefore our young, newly trained and skilled workers seek employment elsewhere. We are training our future workforce today!
  • Opportunities to learn new, marketable skills are needed and poverty persists.

In Shawano School District about 25 – 30% of our young people meet the definition of “at-risk” according to Jessie Hanssen, At Risk Coordinator at the Shawano High School.

The Boys & Girls Club of Shawano will offer these youth an opportunity to see their own strengths and potential and use them as a foundation for successful, productive lives.

The Boys & Girls Club of America is a tried and true proven program that has been serving youth since 1860. This organization now impacts over 4.8 million youth annually with 4,000 Clubs across the country and on U.S. military bases around the world.

Beginning January 2017, the Boys & Girls Club of Shawano will join in this mission by involving parents, volunteers, educators and the business community to offer an after-school program at Olga Brener Intermediate School serving grades 3-5.  Future programming can expand to other grades and summer programs.   The Boys and Girls Club of Shawano will be a chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay.

A Positive Place for Kids

The Boys & Girls Club of Shawano will provide a solution to the problems facing youth today. The Club will attract and guide young people with core programs in five areas:

  • Character and Leadership Development – emphasizing interpersonal relationship-building, self-image and contribution to the community.
  • Education and Career Development – teaching basic education disciplines and technology.
  • Health and Life Skills – encouraging goal-setting and self-sufficiency.
  • The Arts – nurturing creativity, cultural awareness and appreciation for the arts.
  • Sports, Fitness and Recreation – developing physical and social skills, stress management and appreciation for the environment.

The Boys & Girls Clubs Are Unique.

All programs to be used by our Club have been tested by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and are proven to work! The national organization produces a “how to” manual to guide staff and volunteers through program implementation. Club staff will also attend rigorous training in all areas of program development and youth management. The programs will be adapted to our local needs and will be expanded according to the number of children in our Club.

The strength of Boys & Girls Club programs lies in the quantity and quality of time devoted to kids. The organization is dedicated to helping children build confidence and skills to become strong individuals who contribute to society, and the Club believes the way to do this is by spending time with the kids. Studies have shown that membership in the Club has proven results: Club members watch less television, perform better on assessment tests and have exceptional attendance records.

Ultimately, the Boys & Girls Club seeks to inspire children with a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and empowerment realizing that no child is beyond hope.

What Can You Do?

Our youth need our support, now more than ever.

By making a contribution to Boys & Girls Club, you will enhance the quality of life in Shawano by providing a child with the opportunity to participate in programs that mold them into successful citizens of our community. You will make a difference in a child’s life – one child at a time- who otherwise may not have the opportunities Boys & Girls Club provides.

In order to open our doors, we need tax deductible contributions totaling $100,000 in the bank for the first year and $200,000 pledged for years two and three.  The club will charge a minimal annual fee that most families can afford, but no family will be turned away because of lack of money.  The program will initially be available at Olga Brener Intermediate School which includes children between third and fifth grade.  Please consider giving to the Boys and Girls Club of Shawano. The boys and girls of Shawano need and deserve a Boys & Girls Club.

To learn more about this program, reach out to committee members: Tami Zuleger, Wendy Crawford, Jon Aumann, Nancy Schultz, Kara Skarlupka, Dave Zelinger, Joe Stellato, Matt Hendricks, Matt Hietpas, Gary Cumberland, Terri Schultz, Nicky Bowman, Gayle Lemmer, Stacy Cicero, Jeannie Jafolla-Otto, and John Van Ooyen.

Join us at the Boys and Girls Club of Shawano Founder’s Campaign Kick-off:

When:  Thursday, July 28, 2016 at Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta, at 607 S Main St, Shawano, WI 54166 from 5:15 – 7:00 pm to learn more about the Boys and Girls Club starting in 2017 at the Olga Brener Intermediate School in Shawano.

Please RSVP to 715 526-6136 or if you plan on attending.

ATTENTION: STATE OF EMERGENCY Declared on Bad River Reservation due to Flooding #BadRiverReliefFund

bad river floodATTENTION: STATE OF EMERGENCY Declared on Bad River Reservation due to flooding. #BadRiverReliefFund The community is also isolated due to hwy 2 being flooded and they’re in need of help.

  • DONATE cash or check at any Associated Bank to account # 2236069189. *Branch locator *Minneapolis has one location downtown connected to the IDS via skyway & another on the corner of Cedar/Riverside.
  • Please find it in your heart to help.️
  • Please SHARE with your contacts.

Wanted: Director of Learning and Knowledge Management for Ford Family Foundation


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