Overview of Services to Academia

Company/Vendor Overview

Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) is an award winning professional and scientific consulting business that serves a diverse national clientele as a teaming partner working “with” clients not “on” them.  BPC holds multiple scientific and business credentials including small, disadvantaged, woman, and minority (Native American) owned.  The four primary service areas of BPC are:  research, evaluation, development, and technical training/assistance.  Since 2001 BPC has served on hundreds of projects as a teaming partner or contracted service agency.  The sectors BPC serves are public governments, program offices, and agencies (55%); tribal governments, program offices, and agencies (30%); and the non-profit sector (15%).  BPC has served projects related to:  education (PK-12 – collegiate), health, justice, human/social services, community development, diversity, social justice, Native American, school and workforce economic initiatives, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).




1. Research Educational research studies, literature reviews, policy reviews, funding research, developing instruments (surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.), database development and analysis, and collecting data for research studies
2. Evaluation External evaluation of foundation, state, federal, or tribally funded grants or initiatives; educational policy and impact evaluations; creating performance indicators for educational programs or the workforce; documentation of evidence-based best practices; and creating or carrying out culturally/contextually responsive scientific evaluation designs and studies
3. Development/Training
Community coalition development, strategic planning, professional development, policy or systems development, grant proposal development, executive leadership or board trainings, conference planning, online training development, curriculum development, and parent/family/community trainings
4.Technical Assistance
Supporting a new project or grant implementation; conference support; providing technical guidance to regulatory, funding, or online reporting profile set up and use; creating and implementing performance based school or program improvement systems, and providing content area expertise on projects in need of culturally responsive evaluations or with Native American participants
Content Area Expertise
Providing culturally and contextually (rural, urban, tribal) responsive services in the four service areas noted above related to diversity (racial/ethnic, gender, orientation, socio-economic status, etc.) and in particular, Tribal Governments and Indigenous communities.


You may a complete listing of BPC services by going to www.bpcwi.com and selecting the “BPC Company Capabilities Statement & Commodity Codes”.  Additional client references, project work samples, and free resources may be accessed on BPC’s website too or are available upon request.  To keep in touch about the latest events and free resources please follow BPC via:

  • BPC Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/BowmanPerformanceConsulting (like us!)
  • BPC Twitter Account:  @NBPC1 (follow us!)
  • BPC LinkedIn Page:  Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Lunaape)
  • BPC You Tube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/bpcwi
  • Nicole R. Bowman, President/Founder
  • E-Mail:  info@bpcwi.com
  • Office Phone:  715-526-9240 Office Fax:  715-526-6028
  • Mailing Address:  271 River Pine Drive Shawano, WI 54166
  • Physical Address:  715 East Green Bay Street Shawano, WI 54166



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