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Search Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC’s website for business development, American Indian Business resources, and more. Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, Incorporated (GLITC):
Menominee Business Center, Renee Mahkimetas:,
(715) 799-5720.
Menominee Indian Chamber of Commerce & Business Office: NiiJii Enterprise Community: Capital Parnters, Inc.: Provides loans and development services for small businesses on the Menominee, Mole Lake and Lac du Flambeau Reservations.: County Economic Progress, Incorporated (SCEPI):
AFF Research:
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin: Procurement Assistance Center: Services: of Workforce Development, Tribal Liaison, Rachelle Ashley:,, (608) 261-4883.
Forward Wisconsin: Bay Packer Mentor-Protégé Program: du Flambeau Chamber of Commerce: County Bid/Contract Opportunities: County Bid Notifications: North: Business Assistance Center, Center for Entrepreneurship, Randall Smith:,, (920) 498-5505.
Outagamie County Planning Department Economic Development Links: Your Business Name in WI: Department of Agriculture, Consumer Trade, and Protection “Got Moolah?”: Department of Commerce: Entrepreneur’s Network:  http://www.wenportal.orgWisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment Program: Procurement Institute: Small Business Administration:                                                              i.      8A Program Office:                                                            ii.      Small Business Development Center through U of WI Extension:
Wisconsin State Tribal Relations Initiative, Dawn Vick:,, (608) 266-7043.
Wisconsin VendorNet System: Women’s Council: Women Equals Prosperity Initiative:
American Indian Business Network: Indian Procurement and Technical Assistance Centers in the USA: Recovery and Reinvestment Act:                                                              i.      Tribal:                                                            ii.      Indian Country Works:                                                          iii.      Tribal ARRA Funds:
Applying for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): Institute: Business Opportunities: Nations Development Institute: Project on American Indian Economic Development: Country Today RFP area: Association for Female Executives: Center for American Indian Enterprise Development: Women’s Business Council: American Business Enterprise Centers in the USA: (A Native American Business Network): http://www.onaben.orgOur Native Circle (The Native Community Development Resource Center):, Ethnic, Tribal Philanthropic Knowledge Center: and Regular Grants: Employment Rights Offices (TERO)
i.      Media Release about TERO:                                                            ii.      See each Tribal Website, Economic Development, or Administration Office to become TERO certified.  You must do per tribe because there is no centralized site to be certified for all tribes.
Tribal (PTAC) Procurement Technical Assistance Center:“Understanding your Employer Identification Number”: Indian Development Agency:
United States Department of Commerce: States Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency: States Small Business Administration (SBA):                                                              i.      Native American SBA Office:                                                            ii.      SBA Free Online Courses:

Articles and Other Resources:
Sample business plans:
i.                                                              ii.  

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  1. Richard M. Codopony says:

    I noticed on your posts under Finding Money, there no mention of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Loan Guaranty, Loan Insurance, and Interest Subsidy Program. It is a Program specifically for Tribes and Tribal members for businesses on or near a Reservation that can guarantee loans up to 90 percent. If you are interested in adding it to your list, I can give you more information as I was a Regional Loan Officer for the Program for over 30 years before retiring from the Federal Government in 2008.