About Us

Get to know Bowman Performance Consulting…

Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC) is a professional consulting and scientific research and evaluation company.  Located in Shawano, WI BPC (www.bpcwi.com) provides services to a national clientele from the public, private, non-profit and tribal sectors.  BPC gathers measurable and meaningful data from clients and their stakeholders/customers so that individuals, programs, and organizations can use the data, improve performance, and build capacity from our value-added services in order to function more efficiently and effectively for the short and long-term.

BPC services fall under four main categories:

  • research
  • development
  • implementation
  • evaluation

At BPC we envision a better world that serves the needs of all people in a culturally responsive, appropriate, and academically rigorous way.

When people are given the skills they need and have access to relevant information, they remember and understand they are engaged and empowered through services, processes, and deliverables that BPC facilitates with them.  At BPC we help people, organizations, and systems build capacity with the goal of helping them to become self-sufficient.

Examples of services:  feasibility studies, needs assessments, focus groups, surveying, No Child Left Behind support and compliance, program development, organizational improvement design, developing cultural/contextual relevance for programs and training, data analysis, program monitoring, organizational accreditation/certification, curriculum development for individualized materials and/or training, leadership training, customer service training, communication training, strategic planning, literature reviews, qualitative/quantitative (mixed method) research studies, and program, organizational, and systems evaluation.


Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC Mission

Bowman Performance Consulting’s mission is to empower and build capacity of people, communities, and agencies through evidence-based, multi-jurisdictional, and culturally responsive services.

Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC Vision

Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC serves and models as a leader of diversity, democracy, and equality.  Through collaborative networks, BPC will participate in and facilitate the advancement and worth of all people and children through economic, political, social, legal, and cultural processes.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Equality
  • Fairness
  • Trust
  • Hard-working
  • Social justice for those in need

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