OCS 2017 Review Season

*BPC is sharing info from the OCS Review Team . Please use contact info below for questions.

F2 Solutions will soon be recruiting panelists for the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Community Services remote discretionary grant review season. You either indicated in your reviewer profile that you have expertise which may fit the criteria for notification of the Community Economic Development (CED), Assets for Independence (AFI), or Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program reviews, or you have previously served as a panelist or indicated your interest in serving as a panelist on an OCS review.

If you want OCS to consider your credentials for potential selection as a panelist for the 2017 season (anticipated dates in June and July), please save the timeframe listed in the survey linked to this message, and complete and submit the survey to indicate your response by clicking the “Begin Survey” button below.

OCS will be implementing a new payment schedule this year of $175 per application for non-federal reviewers and chairpersons, $275 per application for chairs who serve a dual role as reviewers, and $300 for reviewers and chairs on panels with only one application.

F2 has also redesigned its Reviewer Registry with enhanced functionality and features, including improved site navigation, enhanced security, a task tracker with status alerts, and streamlined profile fields to capture your expertise, qualifications, and other pertinent information. If you are new to ReviewerRegistry.net and already had a profile on ReviewerRecruitment.net, you will need to transfer your account. You may already have received an automated message with instructions from the database. Link address for F2 Reviewer Registry: https://www.reviewerregistry.net/

If you do not yet have an account on ReviewerRegistry.net or ReviewerRecruitment.net, please create your profile in order to be considered as a participant in the reviews managed by F2.  All users will be required to upload a current resume.  Selection and invitation to participate in the Grant Review Season requires the review and approval of individual potential reviewers by the Federal Program Office. Creating an account will not guarantee selection and panel placement.