Dr. Stafford Hood Bio Page

Dr. Stafford Hood, PhD.

Key Scientific Staff for Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC

Dr. Hood’s research has influenced the field of culturally responsive evaluation (CRE) in education by extending the logic of cultural responsiveness from pedagogy and educational assessment to evaluation. His work provided the historical framework that created a bridge between culturally responsive assessments to culturally responsive evaluations. The field of CRE has been influenced by Dr. Hood’s funded research, his professional collaborations, and his written work, all of which have guided the writings of numerous authors within the American Evaluation Association. The work of Hood and his collaborators has refined the conceptualization and applications of CRE, helping expand the field. Dr. Hood’s recent scholarly publications have primarily focused on the importance of culture/cultural context in program evaluation, educational assessment, and computer-based instruction and assessment. He has also served as a program evaluation and testing consultant for the federal government, state departments of education, school districts, universities, foundations, social service agencies, and educational laboratories both regionally and worldwide. As director of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment, Dr. Hood oversees an interdisciplinary initiative that brings together researchers from all over the world to address the growing need for policy-relevant studies that are culturally and contextually defensible.