Cultivating Self-in-Context as Responsive Evaluators

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Cultivating Self-in-Context as Responsive Evaluators: Engaging Boundaries, Borderlands and Border-Crossings

Hazel Symonette, Ph.D.

We increase prospects for operating at our evaluator best when we intentionally embrace a contextually-responsive action researcher stance. This involves systematic data-grounded inquiry as an evidence-framing dialogue with SELF as evaluator–vis a vis one’s stakeholders and the requirements of the evaluation agenda and contexts. For excellence and ethical praxis, evaluation practices should be broadly diversity-grounded and equity-minded. They should be socially-responsive, socially-responsible and socially just as informed by the American Evaluation Association’s Guiding Principles and the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation’s Program Evaluation Standards.  My  holistic systematic inquiry and reflective practice framework promotes empathically scanning, tracking and unpacking WHO? factors in context using an Integral Quadrant model: who is served by whom with whom as embedded in situational, relational, temporal and spatial/geographic contexts. This Activist Assessment & Evaluation approach is a resource for enhancing Interpersonal Validity vis a vis responsive programmatic design and development.