Friday Funny! Time to Get out of Here!

Leaving work on Friday…

Friday Funny!

Doin’ the happy dance! It’s Friday!

Friday Funny! How to Thank a Grant Professional

How to thank a grant professional? Teach someone you love the subtleties of there, their, and they’re!

Friday Funny! Webinar or Winebar

Webinar? Oh, I’m sorry… I thought you said, “winebar.”

We enjoy a good webinar, but it is Friday…

Friday Funny! Koalas!

I enjoy Koalatative Research! BPC provides research services! Find out more!

*meme from

Friday Funny! Can’t get enough Consulting!

Yo Dawg! I heard you like consulting so we got you consulting the consultants!

Friday Funny! Are you Late?

I’m late… for business!

Friday Funny! Happy Clients!

Happy clients? Nailed it.

Friday Funny! Some of my LEAST Favorite Words!

But… we’ve always done it this way!

Friday Funny! Are you Working Tonight?

Consultants: What we don’t get done today… we will get done tonight!